Series Lists

# Revenge

There Is No Mercy

“It’s the fault of the person who stupidly gets taken away, and we shouldn’t blame the person who takes it, right?” Sierra lost her husband and family to her friend….

# Fantasy # Revenge

The Emperor Can’t Sleep

“Your revenge is justified, Luke Olfenster.” Chloe Langsher, despite returning to the past, resolved not to alter anything. However, fate had other plans for her. While awaiting the impending doom,…

9.6 Ch. 26
# Action # Adventure

Liu Zhuang Xian

Shu Wuxi grew up in a place known as the “Peak of Desirelessness”, where there is no color, no taste, no life, no death. Without desires, his cultivation reached the…

# Adventure # Comedy

Bu Wei

The demon Ning Buwei was haughty and arrogant. With the Suzaku Sword drinking blood in the seventeen states. Everyone in the cultivation world was extremely terrified. The Chongzheng Alliance of…

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