Liu Zhuang Xian

Liu Zhuang Xian

Native LanguageChinese

Shu Wuxi grew up in a place known as the “Peak of Desirelessness”, where there is no color, no taste, no life, no death. Without desires, his cultivation reached the pinnacle among mortals.

But one day, a little rascal came along, not only bringing the colorful outside world, but also constantly chattering about what is “leading a befuddled life as if drunk or in a dream”.

Shu Wuxi was thus led astray by the little rascal, and inadvertently fell into insatiable desires!

The little rascal threw down a sentence: Mother! Your sea of desires are boundless, I better hurry to shore!


The crowd was angry: It’s not just his sea of desires that are boundless, aren’t you also crossing them!

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