Moondust System

There are now premium/advanced chapters available on the site that you can unlock with moondust currency. These chapters will be unlocked at the translator’s regular posting rate, and the option to view the chapter now is available for those that would like to 1) support the translator and 2) read ahead of the rest. Advanced chapters will eventually be available publicly to all. In essence, it is the same as a Ko-fi/Patreon.

This does not mean you cannot support a translator directly through their Ko-fi/Patreon links, but the moondust system has the added benefit of staying within the site and viewing chapters in advance. You can check your moondust balance and rank in your user profile. You can also log in/out through your user profile.


How to earn free moondust:

  1. One moondust per daily visit (must be logged in)
  2. One moondust for registering an account on the site
  3. Moondust rewards for anniversaries

How to purchase moondust (must be logged in):

  1. Enter how much moondust you’d like to buy on User Profile page
  2. If you have insufficient moondust, you can purchase more on the chapter you are trying to unlock

Possible future additions:

  1. Rewards from site events
  2. Watching videos for free moondust, number limited by your rank
  3. Directly donating moondust to translator

Ranks can only be increased through purchases. The current ranks are (subject to change):

  1. Novice (<30 moondust)
  2. Apprentice (<99 moondust)
  3. Lunar Mage (<299 moondust)
  4. Moonlight Celestial (300+)
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