# Adult # Horror

Limits of Paradise

In the quiet neighborhood of Hajung-ri, where darkness descends at ten o’clock, a haunted house rumored to have ghosts appearing for decades has transformed into a stylish café. The enigmatic…

# Modern # Romance

Unstoppable Affection

A part-time doctor, beautiful and gentle, with a talent for soothing people, joins the club. Among the team members, there are often naive youths sighing, “In the future, when looking…

10.00 Ch. 12
# Fantasy # Horror


Jin-ah dedicates her life to caring for her stepmother. One day, a peculiar lawyer pays her a visit, revealing the unfortunate news of her grandmother’s passing and his intention to…

9.8 Ch. 10
# Adult # Modern


“Do you want your passport back?” He stared straight into her eyes, which shone brightly under the short fringe he had trimmed. “…Give it back.” “Then you will have to…

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