The Male Lead’s Father Refuses to Break Off Our Engagement

The Male Lead’s Father Refuses to Break Off Our Engagement

MLFRBOE, 남주 아빠가 파혼을 거부한다
Native LanguageKorean
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After she’d threatened the male lead’s father into marriage, I possessed the villainess Evelia. In the original, she was kicked out after bullying the young male lead.

“Let’s break up.”
“…What are you saying?”
“The Duke doesn’t like me either, so I don’t want this marriage.”

I didn’t want to get caught up in the original story so I asked the male lead’s father for a divorce.

“Once we got engaged, you became mine. I won’t break off this marriage.”

The man who was supposed to despise me refuses.

“Are you sure you can’t be Ruth’s mom? Is it because you don’t like Ruth?”

Even the original male lead cried and begged me to be his mother.
Why the hell is everyone acting like this?

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  1. Usurpadora says:

    Eu amo esse romance,o casal é lindo,com um skinship muito casual e adorável, o filho é fofo. E pasmem, eles conversam para resolver problemas 😩🙌❤️
    Simplesmente PERFEITOS🥰

    1. Belle-chan says:

      De fato, quando se trata de manhwas é difícil ver casais que resolvem as coisas na conversa. 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Sumeyye says:

    This story is so good. I really like it that they don’t suffer from misunderstandings, miscommunication or stupidly thinking ways. I really like female lead she is smart and quick witted also brave that accept her feelings and the situations she’s in. I also like male lead. It is nice that he slowly opens up to female lead and to Ruth. I like that he is trying to express himself in better ways. Also story to is good. I normally easily get bored while reading but this novel is good I am hooked up. Also translator doing a good job to. Thanks for the hard work. 👍

  3. Cider says:

    So, I had a question

    Will ch 115 and afterwards be unlocked after a week one by one or so bcz I’m very unfamiliar with this and I’m broke 😂 and how am I supposed to check when each ch was posted

    1. novelnovelty says:

      Yes, all chapters will be unlocked at the regular release rate. You can wait for the chapters to be released or unlock it with moondust if you’ve accrued enough 🙂

  4. Kitt says:

    I’m curious if there’s any plans to do the side story content???

    1. Kitt says:

      I only ask because of the chapter # discrepancy of 129 vs 135 :0

  5. Pitidri says:

    Primeiro de tudo, agradeço ao trabalho excelente de tradução, Byoun!!!
    Eu uso o Google tradutor para ler para o Português Brasil, e foi muito bom!!!
    Terminei a história hoje, foi tão rapidinha, porque ela é direta e sem enrolação, tem apenas 129 capítulos e eu devorei cada capítulo kkkk

    O enredo e o desenvolvimento da história são suaves e envolventes, o crescimento do casal é da família é constante… eu com certeza queria mais capítulos, acabou muito rápido….

    Leiam, vocês vão se apaixonar pelos personagens….

    Saudades do Ruth, Evee, Cassis, Ária, Samuel…. ❤️🥰🤩😍

    1. Elly Anjos says:

      Uau, seu comentário me convida a ler. Obrigada por compartilhar sua opinião.

  6. Elvira Christianty says:

    Wow love this

  7. Eternity4Ever says:


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