An Investor Who Sees The Future

An Investor Who Sees The Future

미래를 보는 투자자
Native LanguageKorean

“There may be great entrepreneurs, but there are no great investors. That’s the reality of this country.”

One day, something started to appear before my eyes.
What could I possibly do with this ability?

From now on, I will reshape the global financial landscape!

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  1. Patra says:

    Continue it if possible

    1. GibeHug says:

      New chapters will be updated today 🍱

  2. mystery says:

    Great translation!
    Hope you keep releasing the full novel and don’t drop it in the future.
    Would love to have bought more chapters but 15 is a bit high for my wallet when the novel is 500+ chapters, still try to buy a few from time to time to support the translator.

    1. GibeHug says:

      No worries, reading the novel and leaving a comment is also a big support for me. And as for the novel I don’t intend to drop it. The story is pretty good and I myself want to see the ending 😉

  3. Birju Raeskhan says:

    Teman aku sudah tidak bisa membacanya karena mood dust ku sudah habis, jadi cukup sampai disini, jika moon dust ku sudah cukup aku akan kembali

    1. GibeHug says:

      🤭No worries, you can always wait for new chapters to be unlocked if you don’t have any moondust.

  4. Birju Raeskhan says:

    Temanku moon dust habis sudah habis lagi, sampai jumpa di chapter 65

  5. Birju Raeskhan says:

    Aku kembali dari chap 65 tapi cukup hanya sampai disitu T T

  6. mystery says:

    I have a question, what is the release schedule of free chapters?

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