An Investor Who Sees The Future

When I first invested 130 billion won, it was easy. Whenever an opportunity arose, I could just put everything in.

However, over time, OTK Company grew too large. Our current assets are estimated to be around 10 billion dollars.

It’s not common to have the opportunity to bet such a large amount on a short position.

Taekgyu asked, “So what exactly happens if Brexit occurs?”

I referred to a report from Golden Gate and said, “In the worst-case scenario, if a chain reaction withdrawal occurs and the EU collapses, the global economy will suffer a major shock.”

Golden Gate has detailed analyses on the impact on the economy depending on whether the UK remains in or exits the EU. Remaining means status quo, while exiting means change.

Therefore, if they remain, nothing significant happens, but if they exit, monumental events occur.

First, the British pound plummets. Second, the euro also crashes given that Europe is affected. Third, global stock markets simultaneously decline. Fourth, safe-haven assets like the yen and gold soar.

It’s truly a turmoil in the financial market as a whole.


Taekgyu couldn’t contain his excitement upon hearing my explanation. But he quickly pointed out a crucial issue.

“But how do we bet without money? We barely have any cash right now.”

“A valid point.”

Most of OTK Company’s assets are tied up in corporate investments. In reality, there’s hardly any cash left in the account, and even what remained was invested by Taekgyu in a gaming company.

Our cash balance is practically zero.

“We need to make money.”

I’ve already thought of a way to do that.

“Did you mention it to my sister about the possibility of Brexit occurring?”

I shook my head.



“There are still three months left until the vote.”

It’s too early to talk about the results. There are many reasons why Brexit might happen, and many reasons why it might not. However, the only basis I believe that Brexit will materialize is the clear vision in front of me, which is more certain than any other evidence.

The problem is that I cannot explain this to anyone other than Taekgyu. Therefore, I need other grounds that can convince people.

“Let’s just wait and see how things unfold for now.”

I instructed Senior Sangyeop to monitor the UK situation. I analyzed the potential impact of Brexit on the global economy and devised investment strategies.


A few things happened within a month.

First, an article appeared on the Luluweb site that Taekgyu often visits.

“Ichikawa Shigeru Establishes OTK Games.”

Not long ago, Ichikawa Shigeru, known as the father of Lost Fantasy and former CEO of Linux Pentagon, left following a dispute with the management over halting game development, taking a team called the Shigeru Faction with him.


“…Meanwhile, it was revealed that OTK Company will be investing in development costs. Ichikawa Shigeru announced that he would name the new company OTK Games, after an investor, and proceed with the development and release of Lost Fantasy M as planned.”

Upon hearing the news, Luluweb users welcomed it with excitement.

– Lost FanM is being developed. I will save money and wait until then.

– Shigeru got betrayed but decided to start his own company!

– Linux Pentagon guys need to learn their lesson by failing.

– But what exactly is OTK Company?

– Is it an abbreviation for Otaku Company?

-It seems like it. There is a rumor that it is a company of Japanese descent.

-Some say it stands for One Turn Kill?

-This turn, I’ll kill you! Try to stop my cards!

-That also gives off a bit of an otaku vibe.

-Oh! Gattaku!


Before we knew it, we were truly being called Otaku Company. In fact, we had been called that for quite some time.

Thanks to that, everyone is still mistakenly assuming we are a Japanese company, which is somewhat advantageous in a way.

Something interesting happened after that. Typically, the success rate of startups for investment is around 10-20%, and even then, only about 5% make it big. However, OTK Company hit the jackpot with every startup they invested in, earning them the nickname “Midas of venture capital.”

When it was revealed that OTK Company had invested in Lost Fantasy M development, investment offers poured in from elsewhere.

Even Linux Pentagon expressed their desire to entrust publishing to us.

Looking at this, it seems OTK Company’s influence in the financial sector has definitely grown.

In reality, whether the game succeeds or fails is not that important a matter. It’s good if it works out, and if it fails, it’s just as if Takgyu spent 10 billion on his hobby.

Now, the real issue is Brexit. I receive daily updates from Golden Gate and data monitored by Sunyeop senior.

At my request, Hyunjoo sister went directly to the UK. She met with representatives at the Golden Gate UK office and explored the local scene.

Ellie accompanied her on the business trip.

Since her mother is British and she has experience living in the UK, her observations on the local atmosphere will be very helpful.


Upon arriving at the school, I parked and got out of the car.

As I walked towards the business school building, I saw Minyoung and Kyeongil.

“Did you come?”

Kyeongil quickly approached me and said, “I met Senior Gi-hong yesterday, and he said, ‘K Company is no joke these days. When are you going to make some time with Senior Sang-yeop? Let’s grab a drink together.'”


“Why? To build connections and try to get a job, of course.”

I looked at him with a pitiful expression. “Do you think you’ll get a job like that?”

Because I have no intentions of hiring you. Before networking, work on your GPA a bit.

I gave sincere advice to Kyeongil with a disappointed look, “Instead of relying on connections for job opportunities, focus on improving your skills.”

But wasn’t I the one who got you a job through connections? I need to reflect on that.

“Ah, come on now. Senior Sang-yeop really likes you, right?”

“No, not really.”

Actually, it’s the opposite. I really like Senior Sang-yeop. That’s why I entrusted K Company to him.

Kyeongil squinted his eyes and said, “You talk about skills to me when you got a job at K Company right after graduation?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Because I’m already employed there.

The company’s assets were multiplying, but we didn’t have a single penny in our hands. Thankfully, Taekgyu’s situation had improved. He had tens of billions left after selling his house and car. On the other hand, I was struggling with a cash shortage.

To avoid becoming a stock poor, we needed to find a way to withdraw money from the corporation. However, withdrawing money from OTK Company was not easy. With its global reputation in startup investments and scrutiny from the Financial Supervisory Service for cashing out during the L6 incident, it wasn’t a simple task.

When transferring money domestically, it’s a headache if the financial authorities detect the flow of funds. Apart from that, the balance is low to begin with.

On the other hand, the subsidiary company, K Company, is overflowing with cash. So, the idea they came up with is to get employed under the disguise at K Company.

Recently, it became a big controversy that some conglomerate owners have been paying salaries to their family members who are stealthily employed at the company. No matter how big a majority shareholder one may be, engaging in such actions is illegal. It constitutes embezzlement that harms other shareholders.

However, our situation is a bit different. We, who are taking a share of the salary, are the major shareholders, and Hyunjoo Noona, who can be considered a minor shareholder, and Sangyeop sunbae also agreed.

Moreover, if viewed objectively, it’s not exactly stealth employment. I am playing a role that exceeds just receiving money.

Thanks to someone, K Company is doing so well. Just by staying still, with the salary being deposited in our account every month, we’ve been able to live without money worries for a year now.

Minyoung said, “After this, the kids and I are planning to go to the PC room to play Overwatch. Want to come?”

I shook my head. “No, I have plans.”

“What are you so busy with these days?”

“You’re right.”

Hyunjoo Noona and Ellie, who departed from London Heathrow Airport, came directly to Korea without stopping in Hong Kong.

Shortly after waiting at the immigration, a woman in her early thirties in a suit and a foreign woman in her early twenties with jeans and a t-shirt appeared.

“Hey, Jinhoo!”

“Here, Noona!”

It’s the opposite situation from when we went to Hong Kong last time. Back then, the two of them came to greet us.

After exchanging reunion greetings, we crossed the street and headed to the parking lot. Ellie looked at a white Panamera and said.

“Wow, the car is cool.”

First, I loaded the luggage into the trunk, took hold of the steering wheel, and Taekgyu got into the passenger seat. Then Hyunjoo Noona and Ellie got into the back seat.

Looking around inside the car, Ellie jokingly asked, “You haven’t been picking up women in this seat, have you?”

I felt a bit embarrassed inwardly but replied casually, “N-no way.”

I did have someone in the passenger seat but not in the back seat.

“Let’s go.”

I headed towards Seoul.


In a traditional Korean restaurant with individual rooms, Sangyeop sunbae was already seated when we arrived.

Upon seeing Hyunjoo Noona, Sangyeop sunbae stood up and politely bowed his head. “Have you arrived, sunbaenim?”

We exchanged greetings and took our seats.

“Let’s eat first.”

While eating, I asked Ellie, “How’s the atmosphere in the UK right now?”

Ellie replied with a somber expression, “Not great, due to recent incidents.”

Two major incidents recently occurred in the UK. One was a terror attack at a London subway station where a suicide bomb exploded during rush hour, resulting in 12 deaths and over 30 injuries. The perpetrator, who died at the scene, was identified as a Syrian refugee.

Upon learning this, public opinion was divided between anti-immigrant and pro-immigrant sentiments. Amidst this, another extreme crime unfolded. John Purcell, a Labour Party Member of Parliament who advocated for staying in the EU, was stabbed to death by a man in his 50s during a terror memorial event. The perpetrator was shouting, “Britain first!” as he was apprehended by the police, and the scene was captured on camera and broadcast worldwide.

These events exemplify the deep divisions in British society leading up to the Brexit vote. Despite the various incidents, experts still predicted the UK would remain. This was also the case for gamblers.

Unlike in South Korea, where internet gambling is strictly regulated, many European countries allow betting sites. Therefore, various types of gambling, including betting on sports outcomes, occur, with the Brexit result being one of them.

80% of gamblers bet on remaining, with only 20% betting on leaving. Research institutions, despite some variations in ratios, also predicted a remain outcome.

“What do you think, Ellie?”

“Of course I will stay.”

I turned my gaze to the side.

“What about you, noona?”

Hyunjoo noona nodded her head.

“I agree. The risk of leaving is too great. British citizens wouldn’t make such a foolish choice.”

The economic size of the EU is second only to the United States. EU member states have access to this vast single market without any trade barriers.

Currently, over half of the UK’s imports and exports are with the EU. If they were to leave the EU, they would immediately lose all the benefits and face tariffs and administrative procedures once again.

Moreover, London is the hub of the global financial market, acting as a bridge between the US and Europe.

But can London maintain this position after leaving the EU?

Global financial companies based in London have pledged to move their headquarters to France or Germany if the UK leaves the EU. Golden Gate is also considering transferring its financial hub function currently managed by the UK branch to a German branch in preparation for such a scenario.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that leaving would effectively stop the influx of immigrants and refugees. Most immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe work in the 3D industries, and it is impossible to deport them all.

In a situation where Europe as a whole is struggling with refugees, it would not be feasible for the UK alone to pass on the responsibility of refugee intake to other European countries.

Moreover, the fate of over a million British nationals living as immigrants in other EU member countries would also become a major issue.

In short, the benefits of leaving the EU are uncertain, while the losses are certain.

So logically, the UK will stay in the EU. But people do not always act rationally.

Sangyeop asked,

“Brexit is a hot issue in the financial world now, but it’s not directly related to our work. Why should we be so interested in it?”

Hyunjoo looked at me sharply.

“What exactly are you trying to do?”

Now, can I talk about it?

I spoke about the plan I had been thinking about.

“I plan to take out a loan using the startup shares held by OTK Company and K Company as collateral.”

Ellie’s eyes widened.

“A loan? Why…?”

I chuckled and said,

“I’m going to bet on Brexit.”

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