The Peaceful Life of a Maid Who Hides Her Power and Enjoys It

The Peaceful Life of a Maid Who Hides Her Power and Enjoys It

PLOM, 힘을 숨기고 즐기는 평화로운 하녀 생활
Native LanguageKorean

The Hero Andert.

A great swordsman who ended the great war by sacrificing himself.

One of the rare heroes…

But he was actually a woman disguised as her dead younger brother.

That was me.



Did I just come back to life four years after my death?
All I had was my body, so there was only one way to survive.

Becoming a maid.

“You’ve never worked as a maid before this, so what have you been doing all this time?”


“What motivated you to apply for this job?”


“What kind of mansion would you like to work in?”

“A mansion that is so hard to work in and so nasty that we don’t even know if it’ll be cleaned if we both work and die.”

“What kind of employer do you want?”

“A vicious employer that terrorizes their employees.”

That way I won’t get laid off since I’m the only one you can work with.


The interviewer looked at me like I was crazy.

Here, I will start anew.
Not as the Hero Andert or my deceased little brother.
But as the maid Daisy.

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  1. Datsukai says:

    Such a new refreshing novel. Absolutely love it. Thank you for translating

  2. Starlight says:

    Amazing work.. refreshing novel

  3. Uwu? says:

    Started reading this series a few days ago, extremely unique and refreshing plot. I absolutely love it.

  4. Baseg says:

    OMG, it’s a true gem in the novels world. Really hope the translator will finish it🙏🙏🙏

    1. Ami says:

      the translator loves it as much as you, so will def complete it!

      1. Azy says:

        Hi i just really love this novel and i love your translation 😍 by any chance do you have other book that you’re translating? I would love to read all of them.

        1. Ami says:

          you can click on my name at the end of a chapter and it’ll show you all my works! 🙂 try ‘the villain dreams of world peace’, it was just completed! ^^

          1. Univrse says:

            love your translations, will definitely read it. as long as its not tragedy 😬

          2. Ami says:


  5. FATIMA KADHIM says:


  6. Pitidri says:

    Uauu, estou ansiosa para começar a leitura, os comentários são ótimos!!!

    Obrigada pela tradução ❤️

  7. Pitidri says:

    Ami, obrigada pela tradução dessa obra com tanto carinho e capricho!!! Eu amei ❤️…. o único arrependimento é que acabou. .. eu queria mais 🥰 Você foi incrível!!!

  8. xiyun says:

    so i’ve finished this novel a few months ago, i’d say somewhere in late 2023 but i never got the chance to comment, this novel was the first novel i’ve ever actually imagined to read without getting bored, everything about it was majestic, i love how nice of a slow burn is it and how obsessed rue (im sorry if i spelt his name wrong its just been a few months since i’ve read this so i dont really remember the names of all the characters in this novel) is with daisy, the fact he was willing to give up his life just for her was just, i dont know how to say it in words, it was truly amazing, i was honestly expecting some more intimate scenes but still, im not complaining, i’d rate this a 10/10 perhaps a 20/10 if i could, overall this novel was truly beautiful, im planning to reread it again soon, maybe this month

  9. Mannu says:

    Enjoyed the story, plot, characters ,and the translator was able to give the feels which I think would have been given in the original. Truly enjoyed it.

  10. Sola says:

    I’m done. Conclusion: I WANT A LOVE LIKE THIS T-T

    This novel has everything I look for in a story, how the plot progresses, the pov, the side characters, the WITTY BANTERS oh god literal perfection. I want a man like Rue, OH GOD whenever he throw romantic remarks that is SO HIM, like how he describe his greed in chapter 145 AAAAAAAAAAA

    I also want Daisy’s strength and determination. She is so simply amazing and I think it is these qualities of hers that gathers such wondeful companions around her. I want to be enclosed within a very supportive circle like Daisy has 😭 MOST IMPORTANTLY, the way she loves Rue AAAAAAAAA I LOVE THEIR LOVE SO BADLY

    It’s mild to say that I need a 3-day recovery after I finished the last chapter to organize my emotions. Daisy and Rue is staying in me and they’re staying for good. Permanently. If someone ask “who’s your favorite heroine?” I’d say Daisy in a heartbeat.

    This wouldn’t have been enjoyable without the great tranlation! AMI, YOU’RE A GODDESS. Thank you so much for investing your time and get us on the wonderful Daisy-Rue roller coaster. I am never gonna forget the feelings this story gave me. LOVE YOU

    1. Ami says:

      ty for reading this story!!

  11. ItsZ says:

    absolutely the best novel I have read this year 3>3>
    I loved everything 10-10
    thanks a lot for the awesome translation !

  12. Univrse says:

    Omg i Love this. Hope volume 2 is just as great, just gotta hope theres No angst

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