The Peaceful Life of a Maid Who Hides Her Power and Enjoys It

Part 2 – Episode 6

“What’s the name of that long bridge you see over there?”

The bald man answered in a demure voice.

“It’s just called the Market Bridge…”

“Bring your leader to that bridge at this time tomorrow. If you don’t show up…”

The bald man, who had swallowed his saliva, stared at the crumpled flyer with fear in his eyes.

“Next time, it won’t end with just your hair.”


“Ah, and,”

I pointed to one of the dozens of old and densely packed townhouses visible beyond the market.

“That’s my house. No more flyers there. Got it?”



‘The results of consistent practice are showing. Now I can control my energy even without a sword.’

I should show Rue when he gets back.

I returned home with light steps.

Day 2 of my impromptu cohabitation with Ru (the baby hawk).

When I went out to the Market Bridge at the same time as yesterday, many people had already come out to watch.

“Everyone, scram!”

“Don’t interfere and move aside.”

Soon, a group of fifteen thieves swarmed out. Their leader was a middle-aged man with a threatening physique at first glance.

A dry sandy breeze blew between us as we looked at each other with a sharp gaze,

The leader of the thieves asked me,

“What’s your purpose, woman?”

“Is your main source of income thievery?”

The leader burst into a sinister laugh at my question.

“Kahaha! When was the last time we did petty thievery? We’ve moved on to new ventures. Fraud, loansharking, gambling, intimidation… Are you interested in collaborating with us?”

When I stared at them silently, the other party smiled, pronouncing his already big dentures prominently.

“Hmph! As if we’d collaborate with you. Listen, I can tell everything just by looking at someone’s face… I’ll admit it, your eyes are those of a madwoman. You’re insane enough to drag me out here after setting our cute little one’s head on fire…”

I closed my eyes.

As I focused on the flow of my body, the thief’s voice gradually faded away…

“Now, boss! She’s definitely about to use that strange magic! Cut her down when she closes her eyes!”

I snapped my eyes open and used the Devil’s Drying Technique on the tightly wound advertising paper.

But the opponent seemed to have anticipated that, so he pulled out a rusted iron plate he had hidden behind his back and hid himself behind it.


I thought the iron plate would melt in an instant, but unexpectedly, the opponent’s shield remained intact.

“Hahaha! Did you think I’d fall for the same trick twice?”

I narrowed my eyes and examined the unbelievably strong iron plate.

A transparent sphere was embedded in the center of a rectangular iron plate measuring 170cm in height and 90cm in length. Inside the sphere, three locks could be seen interlocking and rotating.

It was a magical device.

“Just as I’ve heard, you use some ingenious techniques, you bastard! But you can’t penetrate the ‘<Pretty Useful Old Shield> developed by a magitech engineer from the Contaninos Republic University! It was made by a very smart guy!”

I couldn’t believe a magitech engineer was working with such riffraff. It seemed he was being kidnapped and threatened.

The bald “cutie” whispered into the dentures leader’s ear.

“But what should we do, boss? I think that iron plate is half-ruined.”

“What? …It’s fine, man. Don’t be scared. We can use it two more times.”

The total number of the <Pretty Useful Old Shield> the opponent had prepared was three. When you placed them horizontally side by side, they were similar to the width of the bridge.

I spoke to the thieves, who were snoring through their noses despite their nervous faces.

“Don’t spread them out; just stack them front and back to make them thicker.”


“They’re going to be pierced anyway, so don’t stand behind them. Hurry up.”

“… .”

“I’ll count to One. Three.”

The leader of the thieves shouted at his men who were just looking at each other.

“What are you doing, you dimwits! Do as that crazy woman wants! Stack them front and back, and then rush at her right after that strange magic pops out!”


“Hurry! Move quickly, hurry! It’s flying!”

“Move quickly and run!”

Even if it did look heavy, weren’t they too slow?

Let alone three seconds, even seven weren’t enough.

As I silently watched the thieves, counting to ten in my mind, the shields became three layers thick, and the thieves fled in a panic.

At that moment, I threw away the advertisement flyer.

What was a sword?

A sword was, ultimately, a hand.

But instead of fingers, it had a blade. It wasn’t a hand for holding, but for thrusting and slashing.

Therefore, wielding the blade ultimately meant wielding a hand.

If the power of the sword was irrelevant to the sharpness of the blade, then a sword could be strong even without a blade.

A bladeless sword was like a hand and fingers.

I drew my fingers.

The Demon Sword Technique.

The Third Sword Art.

The Finger-Style Devil’s Drying Method.


Oh, that was a bit too strong.

From the cracks of the burst orb, black smoke began to seep out.

The bandits and the onlookers stared blankly at the <Pretty Useful Old Shield> that had become tattered pieces of metal. Soon, their gazes, filled with learned fear, turned to me.

“A first-class magician…”

“That woman is definitely a first-class wizard! It’s the first-class wizard from the Republic of Contatinos! Everyone, run!”

In 5 seconds.

In just 5 seconds, the people who had surrounded the bridge vanished like cockroaches scurrying away from the light.

How fast.

“A first-class wizard from the Republic of Contaninos… Judging by how they’re running with their tails between their legs, it seems the magician must have caused some trouble in this village.”

It would be pointless to try to catch these fleeing people and explain that that wasn’t the case. I’d just have to go back today and come out again tomorrow.

“The Finger-Style Devil’s Drying Method is pretty useful.”

They say a highly trained swordsman is no different from a magician. I think I understood what that meant now.

I should show it to Rue when he comes back.

Day three of living with Ru (the baby hawk).

The guest I had been waiting for finally arrived. Rue had sent a member of the Hawk Talon clan to me.

The guest, who entered leaning on a cane with a tired face, was an old man woman looked to be at least seventy.

“Good morning, Daisy. I’ve heard the story. My name’s Bluebell. As you can see, I’m quite the old lady… Hehe, I’m the last descendant of the Hawk-Talon family.”

Glancing around the house, she said, “It’s old, but very well-maintained. Cough, cough. Young people these days don’t spend much time on household chores. This is wonderful.”

She left a sincere compliment.

First impression score: 99 points.

Bluebell looked at the young hawk sleeping soundly on the dining chair and covered her mouth with her wrinkled hand.

“So it is! This child… It’s exactly like the young grey hawk I saw when I was little. Cough. What’s the child’s name?”

She must have a bad throat. I turned on the winter stove to boil water and, after a brief moment of thought, replied like this.


From now on, Ru’s name was Ash.

“Ah! Ash! What a coincidence… In Mount Aragald, the fastest and bravest grey hawk was given the name Ash.”

“Yes, I know. I heard a similar story from a friend once.”

At my response, Bluebell smiled gently.

“That’s nice to hear. I thought it was a tradition that no one but me would remember anymore… To see a grey hawk again before I die… Now, I have no more regrets… Huhuk!”

Bluebell’s chest, which had been breathing strangely since a while ago, suddenly puffed up greatly.

Surprised, I leaped over the dining table to quickly support her collapsing body.




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