The Peaceful Life of a Maid Who Hides Her Power and Enjoys It

Part 2 – Episode 10

Day 9.

“What trashy knight did you learn from?”


“It seems like you did have a teacher. Did you learn at the Royal Academy?”

“…What does it matter if you know?”

“It’s pathetic. You learned from a con artist, didn’t you?”

“Shut up! If I practice, I’ll be better soon, ugh!”

The boy, who had been hit with a tree branch, gushed but raised his arms as commanded.

The posture certainly showed signs of having learned the sword.

Although I continued to point out the poor fundamentals, his condition of his body itself was pretty high quality. It was quite interesting that he maintained such a body despite not eating properly.

‘A perfect god-given body.’

And above all.

“Damn it, how long do I have to practice this kind of swordsmanship? Get rid of it! I don’t have time for this… ugh!”

I disciplined the white hand which was swinging the sword wildly with the stick.

“Don’t be greedy. I don’t know which family’s swordsmanship you’re trying to learn, but you’re not at the level to learn it with your current skills.”

“Hmph. How funny… then what kind of swordsmanship are you teaching me? Is it some lowly swordsmanship that lowly trash can learn?”

As if.

This swordsmanship was something I had stolen and imitated by eye, adapting it to my own style from the sword of a man known as a hero.

In my desperate attempt to survive against devils, I had trained in defensive swordsmanship based on the hero’s swordsmanship, focusing on protecting my head and heart.

Even though I said it like this now, at the time, I didn’t even know that my swordsmanship was defensive. To me, it was just a means to avoid death.

However, this swordsmanship was more precious to me than any other because…

It was the reason Raphael, who was upset by my low-level thievery, first spoke to me.


* * *


Year 1 of the Magic War.

That day was one where the pouring rain washed away sweat and blood.

“Is running away all you can do after secretly stealing a lesson?”

The survey unit we belonged to was annihilated.

It wasn’t an unexpected outcome. Although we were called a survey unit, our role was essentially to act as bait to figure out the southern route the Devil Legion’s commander took.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“It means if you’ve taken my swordsmanship, you should save others instead of running away.”

For such a bait role, someone like me was usually dispatched. Someone with no background, young, lacking outstanding skills, and of low value as a warrior.

There, Raphael joining us was very questionable.

Although his family had fallen from its original prestige, he was of a rank to inherit a title, and his excellent combat skills had begun to draw attention from higher-ups. He possessed outstanding leadership and was capable of leading his peers. It was unexpected that he would take on such a dangerous and exhausting role.

Everyone tried to dissuade Raphael, but he ended up joining us.

Even when I think back on it, it was a strange occurrence.

“Wouldn’t it be better to run away, like now, to save at least your life?”

“You’re wrong, Andert. It’s not because you ran away that you survived. It’s because we ran away that everyone except you and me was annihilated.”

He even knew my name.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I was just thinking that strong people all seem to think that way.”

“… .”

“That’s right, isn’t it? If it’s not my fault for not being able to save a comrade, despite stealing and imitating, then who’s fault is it? It’s my fault that the island I lived on burned down, it’s my fault that my family died, and it’s my fault that this unit was annihilated.”

I rose to my feet and stepped beyond the cave. The sound of the rain would cover my movements, making it perfect for hiding from the devils.

“I can’t let the you, the captain, die, so I’ll return on my own. I’ll see you alive.”

Fortunately, the forest wasn’t too dark.

“I didn’t think you had that kind of personality. You’re more twisted than I thought.”

However, what was surprising was that Raphael followed me without hesitation. I thought he would have a considerable ego, given his strength and the expectations placed on him by his superiors, but he was different from what I expected.

“I didn’t mean to mock you.”

“I’m sure you didn’t.”

“I want to ask you one question. Who did you learn the sword from?”

“I’ve never learned it. If I had to say, I learned from the captain’s sword. I was able to save my life by imitating that sword.”

With his soaked blond hair pushed back, Raphael stared at me with disbelief in his eyes.

“Are you serious?”

“Every conversation I’ve had with the captain so far has been sincere.”

“…It seems so. Then I guess dismissing everything as your own fault wasn’t a joke either.”

Suddenly, a cold energy enveloped my back.

I instinctively grabbed the hilt of my sword. My shoulder, which had been trampled on earlier, ached, but there was no time to relax. Through the gaps in the pouring rain, glowing red eyes flew towards us.

At that moment, Raphael stepped forward, blocking my way.

“Listen carefully, Andert. What I was going to tell you is…”

It was a clean strike.

I couldn’t believe I’d tried to steal my way into such skills.

I felt a slight sense of shame and inferiority, but I didn’t show it. If it was to survive, I’d struggle any way I had to. That fact would never change.


He turned to look at me, having crushed the head of the small but fast devil with his foot. It was the same steady, straightforward gaze as before.

“What I wanted to tell you is that, with such skill, why are you just standing by?”

“…Are you saying I should steal with even more passion and effort because I’m like trash?”

Raphael laughed bitterly.

“It’s the opposite. Exceptional talent must be shown to the world, Andert. That’s how many people will be inspired and come together. Running away helps you survive, but that’s all it does.”


“We are the underdogs. Therefore, we must not stop at just surviving. In the future, many people will look at your back and move forward. You must set an example for them, Andert.”

I did not know what Raphael saw peeking out of me to say those words, but his story sounded like he was forcing sacrifice upon me.

What made me feel sickened was that there was not a trace of malice or arrogance in Raphael, who was spouting such nonsense..

‘It’s not me who doesn’t play by the way I look, but him.’

I never would have guessed he was such a nag with that innocent face. His range of talk sure was wide.

I sighed and turned my body in the opposite direction from where the devil had attacked.

“I get the gist.”

“I can’t feel your sincerity.”

“You’re quick to catch on. Since it doesn’t seem to be just one devil here, let’s move for now. I’ve more or less organized the southern route in my head.”

He washed the blade of his sword with the rainwater and followed behind me, chuckling softly.

“One day, you will understand the true meaning of my words, Andert. The destiny of those who wield power…”

  * * *


I understood the meaning of those words a little better now.

Was it because I never expected to realize it in such a place? The feeling was somewhat strange.

“Are you sleeping standing up? I asked you what kind of swordsmanship is this!”

After careful consideration, I answered solemnly.

“Devil Sword Technique Level 0 Hero’s Swordsmanship, theft edition.”

The boy looked at me in disbelief.

“Are you serious? That name is so trash…”

“You’re the first person I’ve ever passed this on to, boy.”

The boy’s face turned strangely red.

“S-so what am I supposed to do? Learning swordsmanship with such a tacky name is not at all appreciation-worthy!”

The boy, who had been grumbling away, glanced at my face before immersing himself in basic training again. Watching the process of the boy infusing his own sword skills and confidence into the sword, which had initially felt unfamiliar and awkward, I reflected on Raphael’s words.

“Exceptional talent must be shown to the world, Andert.”

‘You’re right, Raphael. Beautiful talent inspires.’

The boy’s talent was extraordinary.

More than anything else, the way he clenched his teeth and absorbed himself in practice, refining himself, reminded me of Raphael. Of course, their personalities were completely opposite.

Was this meeting really a coincidence?

Even when Jean was training, I never watched her so closely. Looking back, I wasn’t a proper teacher to her. As hectic as those times were, I felt a bit of regret.

That night.

I pondered over what aspects to focus on when I met Jean again, and ended up filling a sheet of paper.

‘Teaching is pretty interesting.’


I’d have to tell that to Rue.

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