No More Regrets, Just K*ll Me

No More Regrets, Just K*ll Me


“You made me miserable.”


My husband, Carlothian, loved the saint of the empire.

After the ugly jealousy, what remained was the stigma of cursing the saint.

It happened when I gave up everything after so much regret.


“So the body I’m possessing is the villainess of the century who cursed the saint?”


Oh coe on, Not me. A singer who lost their voice in a car accident, ‘I,’ opened my eyes. With a body that could no longer sing, I intended to die just like that.


“I won’t let you die.”


My husband, who once loved the saint, is acting strange. Why now?

I am not Ariadeline who was drowning in love.


“What on earth are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking of making you love me again.”


Unlike my confused self, Carlothian smiled.


“You already loved me once.”


Since you already loved me once, won’t loving me twice be easier?

The teary sound filled the room thickly.

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  1. Yasmim says:

    Update please, I love this novel so much 🥰❤️😍❤️

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