Captain! Where is the Battlefield?

Captain! Where is the Battlefield?

대위님! 이번 전쟁터는 이곳인가요?
Native LanguageKorean

Elite Special Forces Captain Lee Yoon-ah, who was said to be Korea’s pride.
As a soldier to the bone, there was no romance in her life.

But after being hit by a shell during overseas deployment, she finds herself in a completely different world.
She has been transmigrated into a romance fantasy novel written by her friend!

Worse, she has become an extra named ‘Rosalie’ who lives a miserable life.
Taking a deep breath and shaking her head for a moment, she considers this a battlefield and decides to change her life.

“I’ve experienced the hierarchical society of the military to the point of getting sick of it.
This is also a hierarchical society.”

“Are you disobeying my orders now?”
The captain conquers the duchy with absolute charisma!

However, she unintentionally stirs up romance…
“How does it feel to have a Crown Prince kneel before you, Duchess? It’s the first time I’ve ever knelt to someone other than the Emperor.”

The original male protagonist kneels down to her, not the female protagonist.
Captain, who has never been in love, can you win this battlefield?

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  1. Lira says:

    O que são os cadeados?

    1. Marichem says:

      Significa que você só pode ler pagando

  2. FATIMA KADHIM says:


  3. Astarria says:

    have the releases been stopped? haven’t seen an update for most of this month. I hope the translator is ok.

  4. Pinky Peach says:

    FL is OP. I love how smart she is. Can’t wait for the updates.

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