Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

A self-deprecating sigh flowed from Kylo’s mouth.

Unfortunately for me, there was no way.

He didn’t know if he didn’t come to his senses, he would come and beg for her.

If he goes as far as begging and the same disdain as in the past returns… he felt like she couldn’t bear it.

So Kylo was planning to leave for a mission as soon as possible.

I did…

The very next day, people sent by the emperor suddenly came and presented me with a letter of appointment.

I felt like I had fallen into a deep hole and was rescued.

Even though I tried not to get excited, it was difficult to calm down.

Princess Agnes appoints me as her knight…

So does the princess really mean to cover up my mistakes?

Does that mean she will continue to treat him like she does now?

I really could get that stare again?

His heart was shaking uncontrollably.

At the same time, his alarm began to sink in.

He had been agitated for some time, attaching great significance to every word or action of Princess Agnes.

I felt unfamiliar with myself being swayed by each hand gesture, eye look, and facial expression.

This was dangerous.

He couldn’t figure out when, how, or why he became like this.

Maybe it was after the princess had an accident.

Or maybe he was there before that…

What should I do to change my mind?

Is it possible to turn around?

Do you really want that?

Kylo read and re-read the appointment letter with his name written on it with mixed feelings.


Same time.

Raymond also received the same letter of appointment.

However, Raymond’s mood wasn’t the same as Kylo’s.


Until now, Raymond had never once been conscious of or cared about Kylo.

So, this was the first time I felt like Kylo Gray was this annoying.

This discomfort started when I recently met Kylo at the princess’s residence.

Before that, he encountered Kylo in front of the princess’s residence, causing a small commotion, but that day wasn’t something he needed to worry about.

But recent events were different.

Because of the princess’s favor, I learned that Kylo had fallen into an absurd illusion.

He had warned Kylo because he truly felt sorry for him.

“It would be best not to make any ridiculous illusions.”

“Mistaken? What illusion?”

“The illusion is that the princess is looking for you for the same reason she looked for me. You know best that that can’t be possible.”

“Why do you think it’s an illusion?”

But Kylo Gray never crossed the line.

How could you make such a ridiculous mistake?

Human nature was unchanging.

He knew the princess’s true nature better than anyone else.

Agnes could barely like the illegitimate son of a court nobleman.

It was a fact that would never be narrowed, like the gap between heaven and earth.

But you fall into such an illusion.

It was funny, but at the same time, I felt sorry for the foolish Kylo Gray.

He wasn’t a threat to him at all.

However, Raymond was shaken by Kylo Gray’s childish provocation.

“Why. Are you afraid that the princess will like me instead of you?”

There’s no way to be afraid of that. Because it was never going to happen in the first place.

Still, at that moment, Raymond’s heart fluttered.

The fact that Agnes called Kylo every day also made him increasingly confused.

‘No way…’


It was a fact that hadn’t changed since I was very young.

Agnes’s one-sided affection for me was like a fate that he could never escape, no matter how hard he tried.

Just like parents love their children. Just as he is loyal to the empire. It was such a natural thing.

Even though Agnes lost her memories of him, he didn’t think much would change.

But why am I so anxious?


The emperor even appointed both Raymond and Kylo as guards for the princess.

Although I heard about it from the crown prince in advance, after actually receiving the appointment letter, I realized that it was true.

Even the mission given to me was only a two-day escort. I was shocked.

It was a very disappointing result, but Raymond tried to find reason.

Yes, two days was enough for me.

The important thing was that Agnes’ heart had to be changed again.

Agnes’ heart, which I had taken for granted as mine all my life, disappeared.

When he thought he might never get it back, he began to feel extremely anxious.

He had to get it back.



‘Kylo must have received his letter of appointment by now.’

Agnes turned her head to check how much time had passed.

Starting tomorrow, Kylo will begin his escort duties.

So today he will be pretty busy.

‘Starting tomorrow, he won’t be able to perform my knightly duties….’

If there is anything I need to organize, I will have to finish it today.

So I deliberately didn’t call Kylo today, but for some reason, time passed too slowly.

It was a time when Agnes was obsessively looking at the clock.

Her servant, who came in after asking her permission, approached her and spoke cautiously to her.

“Well, Your Royal Highness. A Guest came outside.”

“Guest? who? Is he Lord Gray?”

When Agnes asked, jumping up and down as if convulsing, the servant shook her head.

“No, that’s…Sir Sirius Melville, a member of the White Knights, has come to visit.”


Agnes scratched his chin at the unexpected name.

A few days ago, Hazel Devon suddenly came to visit…

Sirius Melville came to visit this time?

‘What on earth are these White Knights? Discipline is a mess, this.’

Raymond, the leader, was losing his temper and his subordinates seemed to have lost some screws as well.

She had no reason to meet him, but she also had no reason not to meet the person who came to visit.

‘Not Raymond Spencer, well.’

Agnes nodded and spoke to her servant.

“Ask him to come in first.”

At those words, the attendant nodded her head and hesitated.

“Well, princess, but….”


“What is that doll?”

The servant asked as she looked at the princess holding an object she had never seen before.

Every item entering the princess’s residence had to be inspected from start to finish.

Of course, the princess’s secret studio was full of valuable items that the servants did not know about.

“This, this? Is this the doll I bought last time?”

Agnes answered confidently.

The attendant looked at the doll suspiciously, nodded, and left.

‘Wow, that was surprised.’

Agnes was relieved and put down the doll she was holding in her arms.

The black-furred teddy bear had blue eyes.

…It was a Kylo doll.

For fear of getting caught, I didn’t make it a human doll, but a teddy bear…

I had several similar dolls in my previous life, so I made one for peace of mind.

I thought no one would be suspicious because it was a perfect bear doll…

I forgot that the object itself may be suspicious in the eyes of the attendants.

And after a while.

The door opened and a nervous-looking Sirius Melville came in.

Agnes sat on the sofa in the drawing room and looked at him.

Sirius Melville, who had been on a long mission, was a little thinner than before.

“I heard that you had a serious accident. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Sirius asked with a slightly trembling voice. Agnes nodded her head.

“Yes, i’m fine. Thank you for your concern, Lord Melville.”

“You’re welcome… But, that… You forgot some of your memories….”

Sirius asked cautiously. His heart was pounding as he waited for an answer.

After the last prom, he was involved in a long mission and left his schedule in a hurry.

And unexpectedly, Princess Agnes stirred his thoughts throughout the mission.

The way she powerfully gave orders to me at the ball.

That image remained like an afterimage and continued to torment his heart.

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      Tipo, tanto ele e sua mãe quanto o Kylo sofreriam, então não vale a pena colocar ele na equação só pelo prazer de esnobar o Spencer.
      Tomara que ele ache alguém pra ser feliz com.

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    1. Cathe says:

      For real! 😂 I also think he’s going to be a good husband, he just has to find the right woman 😅 a strong willed, almost forceful and definitely into being on charge on bed… 👀😅

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