Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

I was shocked as I watched my daughter and son arguing with the same tone of voice and the same expression.

The emperor wanted to rest, so he quickly sent the two away.

Agnes and Damian also wanted to rest.

The two people returned to their respective places and lay down on the sofa.

‘Agnes…What a cunning woman. Since when did she know how to talk logically like this? In the past, all she did was cry and throw tantrums…’

‘Hey, family register mate…If you like Raymond Spencer so much, please live with him. huh? Don’t pass him on to me…!’

Damian and Agnes.

The two people, who were completely exhilarated, each thought that way and calmed their pounding heads.


next day.

Based on the conclusions drawn, the Emperor appointed Kylo Gray and Raymond Spencer as Agnes’ guard knights.

Because Agnes’ health had not fully recovered, it was decided not to hold the appointment ceremony.

It was a trick of Agnes who didn’t want to meet Raymond.

The news that the two had been appointed as Agnes’s bodyguards spread quickly within a day.

As Agnes predicted, people thought that Kylo Gray received compensation regardless of his status.

Although there were those who were dissatisfied with it, there were also many who looked at it favorably.

Perhaps thanks to the good rumors that have spread about Kylo, the number of people who have a positive view is more dominant.

Of course, there were people who jumped up and down.

The ones who were more angry than anyone else were the Gray family members.

“Father! Does this make sense? Does that make sense?”

“It’s clear that this bastard has something else on his mind! Ignoring all our contacts…!”

Benjamin and Bradley, sitting in the living room, spoke angrily.

Viscountess Gray, sitting next to them, was sobbing, wiping away her tears with her handkerchief.


Viscount Gray puffed on a cigarette and sighed.

“Father, what are you going to do? Just say something!”

“You’re definitely not defending that kid, are you? He’s the one who ignored contact with my father!”

“Stop, stop! Try to be quiet! It’s already confusing in my head!”

Viscount Gray screamed.

Then the two sons pursed their lips and looked at each other dissatisfied.

When Benjamin and Bradley became quiet, Viscount Gray was finally able to think.

But he didn’t last long.

The darkness was caused by the Viscountess’s loud cries.

Viscount Gray glared at his wife in annoyance.

The Viscountess had been in this state ever since good rumors began to circulate about Kylo.

As if protesting.

Viscount Gray felt very unfair.

The good things that were said about Kylo were not his intentions.

However, the Viscountess openly blamed me, as if it were the Viscount’s fault.

‘Why is it my fault!’

In fact, Kylo’s reputation increasing wasn’t all bad for Viscount Gray.

Recently, every nobleman I met was giving me friendly looks and kind words.

So on the one hand, it was something to welcome.

But it wasn’t all that good.

The high-minded nobles didn’t deserve the reputation of an illegitimate child.

It was obvious that Viscount Gray, who couldn’t properly manage his illegitimate child, would be considered a pathetic human being.

So the great nobles that Viscount Gray wanted to become friends with stayed away from him.

But what upsets Viscount Gray the most in this whole situation is…

‘Kylo, that bastard is avoiding me.’

How dare he be arrogant, Kylo was ignoring my orders.

‘I didn’t even know that I was promoted to the princess’s guard thanks to someone….’

This would have never been possible if she hadn’t given permission to use Gray last name.

However, rather than coming to say thank you, Kylo was ignoring the contact.

Ever since he went on the mission.

Even when Viscount Gray’s servant visited, Kylo didn’t meet him under the pretext of being busy.

His blatant disregard for himself was evident.

The most difficult thing for Viscount Gray to endure was being ignored by his illegitimate son.

‘How dare… how dare….’

Viscount Gray was very nervous.

When I heard that the princess was only looking for Kylo after she got injured, I thought I was going crazy.

He would have been foolish not to take advantage of this time.

In fact, the court nobles who had been ignoring me because of that news couldn’t even make a sound.

So the Viscount gave up his pride and even went to visit the Knights in person.

But he had to return several times without even seeing Kylo’s face.

‘A shameful bastard.’

If you have gained the princess’s trust, you should immediately introduce your brothers.

It was clear that Kylo had no intention of returning the favor.

‘This is why they say don’t harvest the young of animals….’

Viscount Gray was very sorry, but he didn’t say it out loud.

When he heard those words, he was sure that the Viscountess would blame him, asking why he did such a thing.

I was already annoyed, but I didn’t want to listen to her nagging.

‘Kylo. How dare you avoid me? Did you think you could escape me within this empire?’

Viscount Gray gritted his teeth and clenched his dry fists.


Kylo, who received the appointment letter with the emperor’s seal, looked down at it with a bewildered expression.

A little while ago, the nobleman who came as the emperor’s representative smiled and congratulated him.

Is this what it feels like to go between heaven and hell in one day?

Yesterday, the princess’s attendant came and spoke.

‘The princess has an urgent schedule today. You don’t have to go to the princess’ palace today.’

With those words, Kylo thought what was coming was coming.

Just the day before, Kylo made an outrageous remark in front of Raymond Spencer, and the princess caught him.

He had no excuses.

The princess seemed to accept his apology on the outside, but it was clear that she was disappointed in him in the end.

I felt a deep sense of regret knowing that I would no longer be able to see Princess Agnes, who was so kind to me.

It was a strange feeling.

There was a time when she was someone I hated to the point where I thought she was terrible…

That kind of person was just a little kind to me, but she seemed to be feeling regretful.

Kylo felt that he was ugly and disgusting.

He felt like a groveling beggar, as if he had sold his soul for a slice of bread given by a rich man.

Just like when I was young.

As a child he bowed to his viscountess to keep from starving and to overcome his thirst.

I promised myself I would never live like that again, but it happened again.

Maybe this was his nature.

A vile race that begs and bows to the powerful.

In the end, everything became meaningless as I thought that people cannot overcome their nature.

Even in the midst of feelings of helplessness and self-loathing…To be honest, the biggest emotion he felt was regret.

He felt so pathetic that it was ridiculous, but he couldn’t help it.

He was so sad that he couldn’t bear it.

If only I hadn’t made a mistake with my words, if I had made better excuses, if only I had pleased the princess better…

I continued to fantasize about covering up my mistakes by making assumptions that couldn’t happen.

It wasn’t just because a woman of noble status was friendly to me.

What Princess Agnes gave me was something different.

Warm eyes and gaze, tone of voice and facial expression.

There were times when I felt like everything was just for me.

The feeling of being treated specially by someone made him addicted to it like a drug.

“When did you learn to play chess?”

“How did he start working as a mercenary?”

Even trivial questions made his heart tremble.

When she was asked that question, I felt like I was an ordinary person, not Kylo Gray, who everyone despised.

I somehow feel like I have become a wonderful person, a person worthy of respect…

But now I will never feel that again.

Because Princess Agnes will no longer look for me.

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