Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

Enlightenment came suddenly.

The moment he saw the soldier bragging about his fiancee at camp, his eyes widened as if he had been struck by lightning.

‘Ah… ! I guess I’m in love with Princess Agnes.’

So, as soon as I returned, I decided to confess my feelings to the princess.

However, the news I heard as soon as I returned was that Princess Agnes had suffered a serious accident.

He was surprised for a moment, but what he heard afterwards made him even more shocked.

‘Raymond Spencer has been erased from Agnes’ memory…!’

I wondered if heaven was helping me.

So he came right away as soon as Princess Agnes’ visit was over.

Actually, it wasn’t straight away…He waited a little while for the product to be presented to Agnes to be completed.

“Yeah yeah. That’s how it happened.”

Agnes answered as if it was no big deal.

Fortunately, it wasn’t difficult for her to deal with Sirius Melville.

Because unlike Hazel Devon, he doesn’t cry out of nowhere.

But that thought was immediately shattered.

“Please accept it.”

Sirius took out the box in his arms and opened it.

It was a large ring with a blue gem encrusted in it.

The large, brightly colored gem was so beautiful that it could steal anyone’s attention.

Sirius was confident.

If there is a man in this empire who has never failed to confess, it would be him.

Agnes looked blankly at the jewel and then looked up.

Then, today, I saw a handsome man with a particularly shiny and handsome face.

Agnes’ voice trembled as she immediately noticed the subtle modification.

“Well, what are you doing?”

“Princess…It may be hard to believe, but I have the princess in my heart.”


“Please accept my heart….”

“For a moment!”

Agnes cut him off.

Sirius blinked his pretty mint-colored eyes in surprise.

“No, I don’t want.”


Agnes rejected his confession without even listening to it in full.

Sirius was dumbfounded. why?

If she erased Raymond Spencer from her memory, there would be no problem at all, right?

Agnes kindly explained to him how her true feelings were all revealed through his facial expressions.

“Lord is not my type.”


This time I was even more dazed.

To be honest, Sirius was confident that his looks were not inferior to Raymond’s.

He was such an attractive man that every woman could fall in love with me.

But why?

This time, as the doubts clearly appeared on his face, Agnes spoke in a stern voice.

“Therefore… Um, lord is a playboy, right?”

“… Not anymore. I only want the princess… !”

“That doesn’t mean the past disappears, does it?”

“… lBut.”

“I don’t like men who are not pure.”


It was literally a bolt from the blue.

To Sirius Melville, those words were like a death sentence.

Of course, nobles still value chastity… To young nobles, that didn’t matter much.

The same was true for Sirius. Sirius was only 15 years old when he erased the old word ‘chastity’ from his life.

In this way, Sirius Melville experienced the ordeal of being dumped by a woman for the first time in his life.


He was out of his mind until he left the princess’s palace and went to the knights’ building.

When he came to, he was being comforted by his colleagues in a bar in the capital’s downtown area.

He was already completely drunk.

“Huh, so… Chastity… Because I’m a playboy….”

Diana and Hazel were sitting next to him, nodding their heads and comforting him.

The two people, who were off duty today, sighed and listened to Sirius’s drink.

Diana stared at Sirius as if he were pitiful, and strangely enough, Hazel Devon seemed to be in a good mood.

“Hey, Lord Devon. Do you think it’s funny that I got dumped? You, you… You really liked me?”


Hazel’s smiling face hardened at those words.

Sirius was once again hurt by his suddenly stern expression.

“Cheer up, Lord Melville.”

Diana patted him on the back.

Diana, who secretly had a crush on the Crown Prince, didn’t feel like Sirius’s business was anyone else’s business.

Between the two somber people, Hazel Devon was smiling as if she had had an opportunity.


The next day, Agnes woke up early in the morning and waited for Kylo to arrive.

Soon after, Kylo came to the princess’s palace to perform escort duties.

As soon as Agnes saw him in his new uniform, her eyes lit up.


It was a uniform with a different design than the black uniform he usually wore.

The uniform of the knight in charge of protecting the royal family was a mixture of black and white, and the inside of the black cloak was red.

The golden pattern and badge engraved on the chest were dazzling.

It was a symbol of the royal family’s protection, and at the same time, it was a sign of great honor for the knights.

“Please take care of me in the future, Lord Gray.”

Kylo paused as Agnes greeted him with a bright smile.

Perhaps because I was nervous the whole time, I couldn’t come to my senses due to the sudden smile.

If the servants beside him hadn’t noticed, he would have been staring at the princess’s face like an idiot the whole time.

He came to his senses late and quickly bent down on one knee.

I was about to kiss the back of Princess Agnes’ hand while reciting a short vow of glory…

Suddenly, a kiss that had been hidden in the back of my memory came to mind.

Kylo kissed the back of her hand, remembering the feel of her soft, soft lips.

His slowly touching lips parted, and Kylo stood up, nervous that the princess might be displeased.

But when she made eye contact again.


Kylo’s heart fluttered loudly.

Agnes was just smiling brightly as if she was happy.

I was glad she wasn’t offended.

He quickly came up with a reason for his pounding heart.

A loudly beating heart may simply be a reaction of relief.

In this way, Kylo tried to calm his confused mind.

But before he had time to calm down, Agnes whipped him around like a storm.

“We have a place to go together. Go quickly!”

Agnes took his arm and led him.

Whether or not her attendants followed behind her, she was as excited as a bright child going on a picnic.


The place we arrived in the carriage together was a hill near the Imperial palace Fortress.

At the bottom of the hill, there was a large lake and a beautiful forest spread out beautifully.

It was a beautiful natural scenery rarely seen in the capital, so it was a popular spot for artists.

However, since this place is located within the grounds of the imperial castle, it is only open on certain days.

Today wasn’t an opening day, so it was empty.

As I climbed up the hill where the warm wind blew, the scenery unfolding below was spectacular.

There were flowering trees surrounding the large lake, and together with the panoramic view of the castle, it created a wonderful landscape.

Agnes sat on a bench in front of the largest flower tree on the hill.

“Come and sit here.”

Kylo, who had taken a step back, stopped and approached her.

Before I knew it, the attendants had retreated into the distance.

Kylo took a look at them and sat down next to Agnes.

Agnes closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Kylo held his breath as he watched the petals passing over her eyelashes.

At that time, Agnes’ eyes opened.

Kylo quickly looked away, like someone who had been caught peeking.

“It’s a strange thing to say, but it’s nice that the wind is cool and warm.”

Agnes said with a smile.

Kylo kept his lips pursed without answering.

The petals that landed on his hair were annoying.

“I’ve never seen such beautiful scenery before.”

Agnes muttered as if it were mysterious.

It was really my first time. Has i ever looked at a scenery so leisurely?

It was the first time in her entire life and this life that she felt this relaxed.


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