Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

When I asked as I got closer, Hazel shook her head loudly.

Agnes held up both her palms and told him to calm down.

“All right. Do not worry. Because no one saw it but me… ”

“Ugh, that’s the biggest problem…Huh…!”


Agnes looked pitifully at Hazel, who was completely naked, with all her clothes torn.

No, what on earth is this…

‘They said you have a twin brother, is that actually you?’

It was shocking, as if heaven and earth were changing.

‘No, wasn’t Hazel the original female lead?’

The original female protagonist is actually a man…, What kind of opening is this…!

“P, princess… Huh, don’t be surprised. Please don’t hate me…”

Maybe it was because Princess Agnes was so embarrassed, but looking at her, Hazel felt like she was losing her mind.

I don’t know about other people, but I didn’t want to be looked at like that by Princess Agnes.

Agnes was her salvation. She didn’t want to be despised by her only salvation.

Hazel unconsciously raised her body to make her excuse.

“Oh, come on, wait a minute. Don’t come closer!”

“Huh, princess… I, I, huh… Don’t get me wrong, it’s, it’s just the body….”

“No, calm down first, Sir Devon!”

“I-I’m a woman…Therefore… .”

“No, don’t come closer!”

“I hide it and make the excuse that I’m a woman!”

Agnes slowly backed away.

“Well, unlike Lord Melville, I am pure…! This side, the other side, everything! Hmm, so…Don’t despise me… ”

“I told you to calm down!”

Agnes ran away from Hazel to the opposite window.

It was then. Her eyes widened as she discovered the scenery outside the window.

She was so preoccupied that she didn’t even notice.

Before she knew it, the scenery outside the window was changing.

Light was shining in the dark sky and dark clouds were fleeing.

The full moon, which had grown in size as if it would eat up the sky, had returned to a crescent moon again.

‘The crack has closed…!’

Agnes instinctively realized this and breathed a sigh of relief.

At the same time, Hazel Devon, who was approaching her, fell down.

Agnes was surprised and I approached her, or perhaps him.

Hazel Devon fell to the floor and before she knew it she had lost consciousness.

“Uh, uh…Sir Devon! sir Devon!”

It was then.


Agnes looked up in surprise at the sound of the door behind her being opened roughly.

The unexpected face was looking down at her and Hazel.


It was Raymond Spencer.

“No, why would Lord Spencer be here…!”

Agnes blinked in surprise.

I was more embarrassed because I thought the scene might be a bit misleading.

A naked man with his clothes torn and himself crouching in front of him.

He must have looked strange.

Agnes, who was already sensitive to reputation, jumped up and spread her hands.

“I-I’m not.”

“…Please calm down.”

Unlike Agnes, who was embarrassed, Raymond remained calm.

He closed the door, came in, and looked down at Hazel Devon.

Then, he covered Hazel’s body with the blanket on the bed, picked her up, and laid her on the bed.

‘Oh, that’s my bed….’

Agnes watched as the bed on the first floor where I slept last night filled up.

Hazel, who turned into a man, was quite large.

Raymond, who made quick work of her, approached her.

“You must be surprised. I apologize for not telling you in advance about Sir Devon’s condition.”

“W-what…Did you know?”

“yes. Only I know. Due to her childhood curse, Lord Devon often… in a difficult situation.”

“… No, let’s go out and talk first.”

Agnes was anxious because she didn’t know when Hazel would jump up and attack her again.

The two people left the room and headed outside the temple building.

Agnes looked at the clear sky and guessed that Kylo would arrive soon.

“Are you very surprised?”

Raymond Spencer asked worriedly. Agnes sighed and asked.

“Anyway, why did you come here?”

“I set off alone first to provide rear support.”

Actually, it was because I was more worried about Princess Agnes than that.

As soon as the escort mission was over, Raymond departed immediately.

Even if I just closed my eyes, I could picture Agnes and Kylo Gray.

There was no reason for him to come alone… I couldn’t bear to stay still.

Of course, what happened to Hazel Devon was unexpected.

Because he didn’t expect that the full moon would suddenly appear.

Raymond glanced down at Agnes, who still looked embarrassed.

I wanted to affectionately stroke her cheek, which was clearly surprised.

Ever since he realized that Agnes was pretending to have lost her memories, he felt even more distressed.

While I felt fortunate, I also felt pitiful and pitiful for Agnes.

Guilty. The feeling made it difficult for him to breathe.

I felt fortunate that i had now realized my feelings for Agnes.

It won’t be too late.

Because Agnes always waited for me.

So even now…

It was the moment when Raymond unconsciously tried to reach out to Agnes’ cheek.

“No, does this really make sense?”

Agnes rubbed her cheek in great indignation.

Agnes wandered back and forth, lost in thought as to what was so confusing.

Raymond thought that even that look was lovely and waited for Agnes to calm down.


Agnes placed her palm on the wall and bit his lip with a serious expression.

Sure enough, the day season 2 opened.

Was this why the comment section was so crazy from day one?

‘The genre suddenly…What is this?’

If Raymond and Hazel are connected, isn’t this BL, not fantasy? No, it will only be BL once a month.

‘Does the genre change once a month?’

No, because it was originally a novel aimed at fantasy rather than romance… .

What… Even if there is romance, the possibility of being connected to a saint increases.

Although it was a huge shock, it was not a very important issue to Agnes.

If Kylo turns into a woman once a month, that’s a problem, but who cares if Hazel Devon is a man or a woman.

‘…Even if Kylo turned into a woman, I wouldn’t be so bad.’

She was a very open person to her favorite.

Esraa : She will be gay for Kylo🤣

Anyway, Agnes finished organizing things in her head and looked at Raymond.

‘But why did he come?’

Is there really a need to come all the way here?

It’s something that can be easily resolved on the Kylo line anyway.

In Agnes’ eyes, Raymond looked like a thief who had come to steal Kylo’s food bowl.

‘He is very greedy. I’m already tired of hearing about heroes….’

Agnes said, looking at him disapprovingly.

“There was no need to come. It’s not like they need support. Are you really that untrustworthy of the Black Knights?”

“It’s not like that. I just….”

It was then.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching, and Raymond disappeared from her sight.

Omg… !

Agnes was startled and took a step back.

Kylo Gray suddenly appeared and pushed Raymond’s shoulder against the wall.

“Hah…What are you doing?”

Raymond, who had been pushed against the wall, shook his shoulder in displeasure.

Kylo, standing in front of him, gave off a fearsome aura and glared at Raymond.

‘…Well, what is it?’

Agnes was shocked by the sudden atmosphere and couldn’t say anything.

Why did Kylo suddenly appear with a bloody face and push Raymond away?

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