Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

‘Did Kylo think the same thing as me?’

She seemed to realize that he was there to steal the ball.

Agnes understood Kylo’s sensitive mind.

In order to protect a small bowl of rice, you have to be that sensitive.

Even if people criticized him for being sensitive, he had to endure it to at least be able to protect himself.

Agnes watched the two, intending to take Kylo’s side if necessary.

However, Kylo’s gaze, which had been glaring at Raymond, quickly turned elsewhere.

It was Agnes’s side.


Uh, uh…

Agnes was embarrassed as Kylo looked down at her with menacing eyes.

What did I do wrong?

Just as I was feeling embarrassed, Kylo spoke.

“I have something to tell you.”

“…What? Ah yes.”

Agnes seemed to know what Kylo was doing.

Maybe he’s trying to return her necklace…? Or are you really mad at me?

“You mean you can’t do it here?”

Then, Raymond said.

Kylo looked at him once and then walked towards Agnes as if there was no point in responding.

“…Let’s go over there and talk.”

Agnes said, pointing to one side.

Kylo followed in the direction she said.

Agnes continued walking while trying to ignore Raymond’s gaze following behind her.

The place we arrived at was the back of the temple.

While walking, Agnes confirmed that the knights and soldiers who arrived after Kylo were safe.

Still, I was worried.

When they arrived at a place where they could talk quietly alone, Agnes immediately glanced at him.

“You’re not hurt anywhere, are you?”

“…It was a short battle.”

“What about cracks?”

“It closed quickly.”

“The other knights and soldiers seem to be okay. Were there any injuries?”

“Luckily there is not.”

“Phew, that’s a relief…Then what about the necklace I gave you?”


There was no need to use the holy relic, right?

When Agnes asked, Kylo took out her necklace, which he had hidden under his uniform, and returned it to her.

“It looks like nothing happened.”


Kylo fell into thought after hearing Agnes’ words.

As expected, there was some kind of protective magic attached to this necklace.

If so, it must be a very precious item…

He was surprised that she gave him something like that.

Is this still an illusion?

Kylo asked, her voice cracking.

“There weren’t many monsters. So much so that we can finish it quickly without anyone getting hurt.”

“I’m so glad. I was very worried…”

Agnes breathed a sigh of relief and put her necklace back around her neck.

This gave us a reason to use the holy relic again.

I was very fortunate that Kylo returned safely and that I was able to fully use this holy relic.



Agnes answered lightly and looked up at him.

“I want to ask you something.”

Kylo’s voice was quite serious.

Agnes flinched when she realized that his mood was different from usual.

A question came to me without even a moment to think about why he was doing this.

“Why did you give me that necklace?”

“…That’s just to avoid getting hurt…”

“Then why did you kiss me?”


Agnes paused at Kylo’s follow-up question.

She opened her eyes wide and looked up at him.

Kylo was looking down at her with his scary eyes, as if she meant it.

No, wait.

‘A kiss?’

What nonsense is this?

I’ve kissed Kylo countless times, either in my imagination or in my dreams.

But actually I’ve never done it?

“What are you talking about? A kiss.”

“Didn’t you come to my lodgings on the day of the National Foundation Ball?”



Agnes blinked.

She was definitely going to visit Kylo that day.

However, due to her drunkenness, she didn’t remember much after that.

When I woke up, I was in the bedroom…The chamberlain must be…

“How did I get in yesterday?”

“Well, that’s…Lord Gray, the leader of the Black Knights, has brought you here.”

“… Kylo?”

“yes. He said he found the princess fainting near the Black Knights building….”

Agnes remembered the conversation she had with the chamberlain and swallowed in embarrassment.

No way… No way…!

Did i really kiss Kylo while i were drunk?

Agnes wanted to strangle herself.

How can you do something like that?

And if I did, I should have at least remembered it…!

That moment that may have been the most meaningful moment in this life…

It’s just that I can’t remember because of alcohol… It was sad.

Agnes hesitated and struggled to open her mouth.

Anyway, it’s true that I don’t remember.

“I-I’m sorry, but…I don’t remember.”

“Then…Why did you look at me like that?”

“… What?”

As Agnes unconsciously took a step back, Kylo came that much closer.

Uh, isn’t it too close…?

At the moment of panic, Kylo asked once more in a trembling voice.

“Why for me… Why so sweetly…”


Kylo couldn’t bear to say anything more.

The more i talked, the more I realized that I was alone in my foolish delusion.

Why did you ask me that question, why did you act like you were curious about me, why did you act like I was someone special? .

I couldn’t bear to ask.

Because the moment he asks that question out loud, he will become miserable.

Kylo bit his lip so hard that it bled.


But Agnes was quick to notice.

I somehow figured out why Kylo was asking this question.

‘Did you really notice that I liked him?’

If you think about it, it was natural.

Agnes has been treating Kylo particularly specially.

Others believe that Kylo has saved Agnes countless times from great danger…

The two actually knew the truth.

Kylo wouldn’t have known either.

Of course, you must have had suspicions as to why Princess Agnes was like this.

‘I actually failed to do anything to the person involved….’

But Agnes couldn’t say anything.

I feel like I want to confess right away, but…

‘I can’t be special to Kylo.’

Her role ended here.

All that can be done is to increase Kylo’s reputation and create an excuse for people to flock to him.

Just there.

I shouldn’t be greedy for more than that.

Because if I get greedy, someone else will have to sacrifice.

I didn’t want that.

It wasn’t because of a particularly righteous heart or noble determination to accumulate good deeds.

This life was just like a bonus to her, and she was satisfied if she could save her favorite person.

Ordinary people may not understand, but anyone who supports and likes someone will definitely understand her feelings.

Agnes turned away from Kylo without giving any answer.

So Kylo was left alone in the empty space.

As always.



There was someone listening to the conversation between the two not far away.

It was Raymond Spencer.

He bit into the flesh inside his mouth.

No matter how much he thought about it, it was absurd.

‘Crazy bastard….’

Kylo Gray was gradually crossing the line.

It’s not enough to not understand the topic and make ridiculous illusions…

Earlier, when Kylo blindly approached me and pushed my shoulder.

Raymond could read Kylo’s eyes.

Kylo acted sensitive as if his woman had been taken away.

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