Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

“Agnes, are you saying that after doing the same thing to me? This is really…!”

Agnes lightly ignored Damian’s words. Then, she took the lead and confidently walked through the maze.

Hazel followed Agnes, looking blankly at her back.

She seems to be about the same age as me, but how can she be so smart?

There was no hesitation, as if she had memorized all the answers to the maze.

“Hey, isn’t that the place?”

However, when I immediately changed direction due to Damian’s words coming from behind, my confidence dropped a little.

However, thanks to Agnes, Hazel got out of the maze safely, and Agnes kept her promise.

Hazel was able to see her cousins crying and begging for their mistakes that day.

From that day on she never forgot.

Although Princess Agnes completely forgot her own existence…she herself never forgot the princess.

My hero, my….

Hazel calmed her ragged breathing and looked at Agnes, shining in the center of the crowd.

‘If it weren’t for this damn curse, she would have been able to stay by the princess’ side….’

A single teardrop fell down Hazel’s cheek.

It was then.

One person who happened to look out the window shouted loudly.

“Kyu, it looks like a rift has opened! Moon is…!”

At those words, people’s eyes went straight out the window.

It was true.

The crescent moon, which had been hidden by rain clouds, revealed itself and began to move strangely.

The crescent moon, which stretched its body like a devil stretching itself, soon became a round full moon.

full moon.

It was a sign that a crack had opened.


Amid the noise of people, Hazel grabbed her heart.

She walked quickly and ran away before people’s eyes turned to her.

However, there was someone who discovered it.

‘Why are you doing that?’

She was Princess Agnes.

Agnes calmed the people down as she noticed that Hazel had disappeared.

People weren’t overly afraid of the signs that the rift had opened, wondering if what Agnes had been talking about a while ago had any effect.

On the contrary, there was a child who was sad that he couldn’t see Kylo Gray in action.

Agnes calmed them down a little more so that they wouldn’t become agitated.

“The crack will close quickly. It’s a temporary symptom and Lord Kylo Gray will take care of it all, so you don’t have to worry.”

As soon as the full moon rose, the loud thunder that had scared them disappeared.

Thanks to this, people regained stability relatively quickly.

Some young children were finally able to fall asleep, perhaps because they had been scared all night and couldn’t sleep.

Agnes ordered the soldiers to close all the curtains so that people could rest.

And then she moved quickly in the direction where Hazel Devon had disappeared.

‘It’s definitely suspicious.’


Meanwhile, in the village forest.

While they were waiting in front of a large tree said to be over 1,500 years old, a crack really appeared before their eyes.

It appeared at the same time as the full moon rose.

Kylo was astonished the moment he saw a black crack forming in the air.

I never thought it would really show up.

I thought the war against the devil was over after the last war.

But it’s starting again.

Like Kylo, the other knights and soldiers also looked devastated.

A monster emerged through a black crack that strangely appeared in the air.

It was much larger than existing monsters.

The battle began with Kylo’s hand gesture.

As he cut off the giant monster’s head, Kylo recalled Princess Agnes’ smile in his head.

That warm smile that I thought she only gave to me.

But it wasn’t just special to him.

What did he feel when he saw her smiling the same way to others?

It was a destructive emotion that he couldn’t express out loud.

He dared to kill the person Agnes’ smile was directed at, and he also wanted to end Princess Agnes.

Sometimes, he imagined kidnapping the princess, taking her to a place known only to him, and imprisoning her.

Would I feel at ease if she was locked away so that she could never show that kind of smile to others again?

I was so disgusted with myself for imagining such things that I felt nauseous.

It was confusing. It was my first time feeling like this.

Although I have been greedy for power, I have never wanted someone…I have never been greedy for that person’s heart.

Isn’t it a bit of a strange feeling to want to possess that person completely, or to monopolize that person’s smile and kindness?


He lusted. He craved more than anything for success or power.

I wanted to be special to her no matter what. Whether the emotion is positive or negative.

Somehow, He was overcome with a destructive desire to monopolize one person’s life.

This was entirely the princess’s fault.

He was clearly trying to suppress it.

He tried to crush his heart somehow.

But from the moment I saw the princess handing me her necklace, that became impossible.

Kylo promised that if he returned from here and met Princess Agnes again, he would not hesitate to catch her and ask her.

Why on earth did you make me like this?

What should I do to have you?


Hazel, who ran away from the auditorium, headed to the lodgings where she stayed with Princess Agnes.

After entering the room, Hazel went into the corner next to the bed and curled up with him.

Outside the window, the full moon appeared, swelling her body to a gigantic size.

Hazel was drenched in cold sweat and her shoulders were shaking.


The day when a crack first opened in this world.

The sky suddenly darkened and rain clouds gathered in, pouring down heavy rain. A huge full moon replaced the crescent moon in the sky.

Hazel Devon, who secretly went for a walk, was struck by lightning that day and was cursed not to tell anyone.

Once a month. It was a curse that caused my body to change every time the full moon rose.

She kept the fact secret from her family in Devon, fearing that it would be her greatest weakness.

Fortunately, a full moon didn’t appear every time the crack opened.

Hazel only took time off once a month, and she only did so when there was a full moon. She just had to get through that one day and her body would return to normal.

Thanks to her, rumors spread that she had a twin brother or that the Devon family had an illegitimate child around Hazel’s age, but it didn’t matter.

‘The date is still far away….’

There was still a long time left until the full moon rose.

But suddenly the crescent moon in the sky turned into a full moon.

Just like the day when a crack first opened in this world and a curse came along with the thunderbolt.

Hazel Devon shrugged her shoulders as he felt her body change horribly.

I could feel the uniform i was wearing being torn and torn.

Fear surged through her as her bones crunched.

It was then.



Hazel Devon’s wet eyes were filled with astonishment.

I made eye contact with Princess Agnes who opened the door and came in.

She was the one who i didn’t want to be caught seeing this disgusting sight more than anyone else.

Hazel was horrified and cowered away from her. She couldn’t think of anything.

‘I got caught, I got caught…Ugh… ‘

Just like the day she first met the princess in his childhood, Hazel began to cry loudly.


Princess Agnes froze in shock.

‘Uh…What did I just see?’

She slowly lifted her fist and rubbed her eyes.

Even though she blinked a few times, the scene before her eyes remained the same.

My head was spinning and I was confused.

The person in front of me was clearly Hazel Devon. Hair and eye color, facial features. For sure…

‘But why is her body….’


Agnes was embarrassed to see Hazel transformed into a lumpy muscle.

“Lord Devon, are you okay….”

“Oh, don’t come!”

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