Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

Instead of questioning the meaningful words, Kylo nodded his head.


Agnes reached out and put something around his neck.

Her necklace, which she has never let off her body since she got it.

It was a holy relic.

“I don’t think a dangerous situation will arise, but just in case. This will protect the leader.”

“…Why are you doing this?”

“Of course I’m worried.”

Agnes said lightly, as if it was obvious.

However, even with a short answer, Kylo’s eyes shook violently.

“Safely. Please come back without getting hurt.”


“You can think of that necklace as the leader’s bodyguard.”


Kylo sighed briefly.

Thump thump.

My heart started beating wildly.

I barely, just barely calmed it down…

He finally made up his mind to let go of unnecessary greed and not be presumptuous…

Kylo was resentful of Agnes for reaching out to him again.

The necklace around his neck felt heavy, like a chain.

It was a necklace that Princess Agnes had always had from a certain point on.

I could tell because I always observed her.

Why on earth would she give that necklace to me?


Then i will be mistaken again.

Kylo bit his lip tightly and turned away.

The knights and soldiers began to leave.

Agnes couldn’t take her eyes off him for a while as she watched them heading toward the forest.

‘I even took care of the sacred items, so there won’t be any trouble.’

Relics were a kind of insurance.

Agnes planned to use the holy relic to remove the source of the rift…

It was only for Kylo.

If Kylo died on this mission, the Relic would mean nothing.

So I hung it around his neck just in case.

‘I told him so, so he will definitely keep it with him.’

Agnes returned to the temple, feeling a little relieved.


Time passed slowly.

The rain became heavier as time went by.

The sky, which had been bright enough for dawn, had suddenly turned as black as a dark night.


The thunder was loud, like the roar of a monster.

The villagers were gathered together so that the auditorium was full.

Children began to cry at the strong sound of thunder, and even adults couldn’t shake off their anxiety.

Until now, people had no doubt that the war against the devil had ended and peace had come.

In the meantime, the cracks might suddenly open again.

The people of the empire had already experienced losing family and friends to demons and monsters.

Both children and adults trembled with fear, fearing that hell would repeat itself again.

It was raining and winding outside.

The window rattled and a sharp, harsh wind blew in.

People were shaking and hugging each other, cowering from the cold that accompanied fear.

It was then.

Suddenly, warmth began to come from one side.

The small halo of light that began to spread suddenly enveloped everyone and made them warm.

There was a woman standing where the light started.

People realized that it was Princess Agnes.

Although she wore a black uniform, she was the only person in the empire with silver hair mixed with light purple.

A member of the royal family who is said to have special magical powers.

Jewels of Emperor Alexander.

People began to feel relieved that the famous Princess Agnes was by their side.

The light flowing from Princess Agnes’ hand suddenly warmed the auditorium.

As a result, although people were afraid, they no longer shivered from the cold.

At that time, a trembling child sitting in her corner raised his hand and asked the princess.

“Hey. Well, what happens to us if the rift really opens?”

People began to get very agitated by a small question.

People here and there were shouting and raising their voices.

“So what happens to our village?”

“Isn’t the village being shut down?”

“Then what should we do…! I lost my parents to monsters a long time ago, and now I have to lose my family again?”

“No way…The knights are here, so it’ll be okay.”

“But it’s not like the White Knights came anyway…”

“Yes, but….”

As the people’s murmur grew louder, Agnes cleared her throat loudly.

When the only person who could answer responded, people’s eyes focused on the princess.

Agnes smiled the warmest smile she could.

Then she opened her mouth as if she had been waiting for this moment.

“You don’t know anything about the Black Knights or Lord Kylo Gray.”


Agnes’ words had the power to focus people.

When I started speaking in a firm voice, people’s eyes showed curiosity, not fear.

Even though I said it all over again, the meaning I wanted to say was clear.

What kind of performance did Kylo Gray perform in the last great war? What a strong knight he is.

It may seem harsh, but… In fact, what a just person he is.

People were mesmerized by Agnes’ strangely excellent eloquence.

Because of the location, at first glance it looked like a cult leader and his possessed followers.

But fortunately, it was never seen that way in the eyes of the people gathered here.

The gaze of Hazel Devon, who was watching, was the same.


If she could, Hazel Devon wanted to hold her violently beating heart in her hands.

The inside of the auditorium, where a chilly wind had blown, was suddenly filled with warmth.

The people who were crying in fear soon became absorbed in the princess’s words and even burst into small laughter at her jokes.

In Hazel Devon’s eyes, Princess Agnes seemed like a miracle worker in her own right.

She’s been like that since we first met.

Although Princess Agnes doesn’t remember, Hazel had met her when she was very young.

It was the day when the young crown prince and princess visited the Devon family estate.

Hazel was trapped in the maze garden by the harassment of her brothers, collateral relatives of the family.

The maze garden was Devon Castle’s greatest pride and attraction.

Hazel was particularly small and young compared to her peers.

My brothers, who had dropped me in the middle of the maze, were nowhere to be seen, and there was nothing I could do but cry.

At that time, it was Princess Agnes who appeared like a miracle.

Agnes looked at Hazel as if asking why are you here? In fact, she was the stranger who came to someone else’s territory.

Hazel, crying as she recognized her as the princess, explained the whole story.

“Huh, brothers, huh, me, huh, here, huh.”

“They left you behind?”

“Yes, heh…!”


Princess Agnes was speechless. She just glared at Hazel with a sullen expression on her face.

It was then. The sound of a boy crying came from one side.

Then, a running sound was heard and someone appeared in front of them.

It was Prince Damian.

“Hey! Agnes! wanna die? How dare she run away and abandon your brother in the middle of the maze?! You thought I couldn’t find you, right?”


At that moment, Hazel looked at Agnes as if she had been betrayed.

Princess Agnes did the same thing that her cousins did…

However, they and the princess didn’t feel the same. At least Prince Damian wasn’t young and weak.

“Who is this again? Who are you harassing again?!”

Damian, who discovered Hazel, huffed as if admonishing Agnes.

Agnes shrugged his shoulders and said.

“No. She said her collateral relatives abandoned her here.”

“What? She is in the same situation as me.”

Agnes began to speak with a distressed look on Damien’s words.

“They are really bad guys. they leave a little girl alone! this girl is such an idiot that she can’t even speak properly!”

“Well, I… can speak….”

Hazel cried out in response, but Agnes did not listen.

“I’ll go and scold them. We need to let them know that if they do something bad like that, they will go to jail.”

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