The Wasteland’s Spring Breeze

The Wasteland’s Spring Breeze

SBW, 황무지의 봄바람
Native LanguageKorean

Ezen, daughter of the Crawford family, and Cliff, heir to the Moore family.

Her mean father destroyed the Moore’s family and captured Cliff to ens*ave and abuse him.

Ezen, who cares for him, helps Cliff to escape from her family.

“Never, never ever come back. Cliff Moore.”

“You will regret for saving me.”

Twelve years later, Cliff returns with immense power and brutally slaughters Ezen’s family, who had trampled on his.

Ezen also tries to accept her death, but Cliff does not kill her, instead he makes her as his wife.

Sleeping with an unknown enemy, a life in which too much has been lost. After suffering, Ezen dies after giving birth to a child.


Even after death, her soul, trapped in Cliff’s mansion, returns to the moment of her death, realizing the unexpected truth.

The man and woman who couldn’t be together in a fierce destiny, a spring breeze permeates their dry hearts.

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