I Will Become the Queen of the Enemy Country

I Will Become the Queen of the Enemy Country


“Are you going to stick with that barbarian?” 


On the day I expected a marriage proposal, I was betrayed by my fiancé and my sister. My fiancé dragged me down to the bottom. Beside him was my sister, who egged him on. The moment I thought I had achieved everything, I lost everything. 


I vowed to ruin you even if I die. 


But I didn’t die. 


“Elise, no matter what happens in the next life, I will be by your side.” 


The prince of Teteris, who was said to be stuck with me, came to find me. 


And I went back 10 years. 


Why? How? What does it matter? 


The important thing is that I have a chance for revenge. 


I won’t be a pushover anymore. 


I went to find Karan, the barbarian prince of the enemy country. 


It’s for revenge, but it will also be a good opportunity for him. So, 


“Will you be with me?” 


“Are you asking me to do something messy?” 


“Yes. Do it with me, the messy thing. And me…”


 I looked at him with an irresistibly charming smile. 


“Take responsibility.”

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  1. Bree says:

    Why are you only uploading locked chapters?

    1. breedodds04 says:

      I feel like y’all are playing with my emotions

      1. Eleme Nopee says:

        I feel your pain.

  2. Daniela77 says:

    Nice story and even better translation!!!

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