The Boss is Reborn with his Little Fairy

The Boss is Reborn with his Little Fairy

BRLF, 大佬跟他的小仙女一起重生啦
Native LanguageChinese

In their previous life, Wen Ke’an and Gu Ting met during the darkest period of their lives.

She was set up and got into a car accident, which not only disfigured her face but also made her lose the ability to walk, leaving her incapable of returning to her beloved stage again.

He had just been released from prison, penniless and targeted by his former enemies.

The two supported each other through the darkness, going through the most difficult yet happy seven years of their lives.

Later, Wen Ke’an passed away due to an illness, but to her surprise, she opened her eyes again and returned to when she was sixteen. At this time, her legs had not been crippled, her appearance had not been ruined, and her husband had not been imprisoned…

On Wen Ke’an’s first day at Gu Ting’s school, she saw her husband in his teenage days. He had just cut his hair short, had a cigarette in his mouth, and exuded the aura of a rebellious teenager.

“Hey boss, the little fairy has come to see you!”

As soon as these words were uttered, the sound of Gu Ting’s baton dropping could be heard. Everyone saw that the usually tough Gu Ting gradually became teary-eyed and looked at the girl, whispering softly, “Wife.”

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  1. Datsukai says:

    I love this novel. Could you please edit the end of each chapter title to include a locked symbol for those you need moondust? It’s hard to know where I left off.

    1. Cici's Donuts says:

      Book mark the tab? Book marking is available on phone an computer

    2. Lilian Antunes says:

      Eu costumo salvar numa pasta de favoritos no navegador o link do último capítulo lido. Como leio muitos romances e mangás ao mesmo tempo, só assim para eu manter algum controle e saber o que, onde e quanto li algo. 😅🤗

  2. Dawn says:

    Thank you for translating! Love this novel <3

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