Did You See My Cat?

Did You See My Cat?


Yan Jiyun died in an accident, and what was even more surprising was that he was reborn in the body of a cat after his death.

He thought that he would live out his whole life in this cat shell, his owner providing for him until he passed.

His owner Qi Feng was a weird person. He would often disappear from the house from time to time, suddenly reappearing after a few days. During that period, he would often get injured, be listless, or grow abnormally fatigued.

Until one time, Yan Jiyun accidently touched the nameplate that never left Qi Feng’s body and was suddenly brought into a strange world.

Let’s not get hung up over how strange or dangerous that world was first. Yan Jiyun discovered that in this world, he could become a human again!

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