Did You See My Cat?

Divert Attention

Chapter 2: Divert Attention

Although Yan Jiyun wore the shell of a black cat, it did not affect his operation of the system. No fingers or voice was required, only thinking it in his mind.

It could be seen that the game he entered was definitely not a product of the world he lived in.

Based on the current clues, he knew that his mission target was a little boy called Li Muyang.

Game time was limited to 24 hours. When he entered the game, it was around 8 at night. Tomorrow night at this time, the game would end.

According to the instance name hint “Returning Home From School”, it meant that he would stay here tonight, and Li Muyang would go to school tomorrow.

Elementary schools typically start classes at 8:20 in the morning and end at 4:30 in the afternoon.

If he guessed correctly, he could clear the instance as long as he protected Li Muyang’s health points until 8pm tomorrow.

Since the instance let him enter early, then it wasn’t just escorting him home from school. There may also be incidents during this period.

It was now Li Muyang’s bedtime. Yan Jiyun carried him into the bedroom, and he quietly watched the child numbly pull up the blankets and sleep. They didn’t put any medicine on his swollen cheeks.

Yan Jiyun could face life and death, but he couldn’t bear to see a biological mother treat her child so terribly. The beating scenes were so brutal that he wanted to call the police the whole time.

He stayed in Li Muyang’s bedroom and listened to the movements outside. After the violent and indifferent couple turned off the TV and went to sleep, Yan Jiyun quietly slipped out into the living room. He rummaged through the boxes and cabinets for a medicine box. Without any difficulty, he found a tube of ointment to remove blood clots.

With the tube in his mouth, Yan Jiyun jumped onto the bed and threw it beside Li Muyang’s pillow. Seeing the child didn’t react, he used his foot to step on his shoulder.

Of course Li Muyang wasn’t asleep and was simply enduring the pain on his face. He also knew the movements of the black cat.

He saw the medicine Yan Jiyun brought over and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes: “Is, it, for me?”

The aloof black cat lay beside his pillow, his pale green eyes seemingly glowing in the dark room.

Li Muyang opened the ointment and applied it to himself. He wanted to say something, but closed his mouth in the end, gently stroking Yan Jiyun’s back. He was greatly satisfied and began to fall asleep.

The main character of the instance could sleep peacefully, but Yan Jiyun hadn’t forgotten this was a game. According to the system’s prompts, it was also an extremely dangerous game, so he couldn’t relax for even a moment. His whole body stayed in a vigilant manner. As Li Muyang’s breathing gradually steadied, Yan Jiyun leaped onto the bookshelf, crouching and perking up his ears to listen for any sounds, ready to respond to whatever came next.

At the same time, three players who had entered the game with Yan Jiyun were now hiding outside the residential complex, trying to find ways to avoid the security guards doing night patrols.

The young man in the hoodie looked a little anxious, “Are we going to have to wait until Li Muyang gets up to go to school tomorrow morning?”

The girl with short hair: “Didn’t the prompt say to escort Li Muyang safely home from school tomorrow? Of course, we have to wait for him to go to school first.”

The red-haired man calmly posed a question, “What if he dies before he goes to school?”

The short-haired girl glanced at the instance information, “Li Muyang currently has 90% of his health left.”

The young man in the hoodie exclaimed passionately, “He lost 10% of his health just from doing homework! Who knows if his health will drop again tonight? We have to protect him.”

The short-haired girl said, “As long as he doesn’t die after escorting him home, it’s fine.”

Both the young man in the hoodie and the red-haired man agreed.

Just as they were talking, a small fan fell next to the lawn where they were squatting!

The three were so frightened that they scooted closer to the wall.

The red-haired man patted his chest in shock, “F*ck, what kind of b*stard throws something from high up?! If I was just 5 cm to the side, I’d be dead!”

The young man in the hoodie looked up and saw that the lights in the master bedroom of apartment 6002 were on. Then, there was the sound of a woman yelling.

He said, “It’s Li Muyang’s parents arguing.”

The red-haired man: “According to normal routine, when parents fight, the child gets caught in the crossfire. Why don’t we pretend to be property management and check it out?”

The short-haired girl: “But Li Muyang’s health is stable.”

While they were speaking, there was another loud crash from upstairs and an iron pot fell down, followed by a roll of toilet paper, and then a pillow.

The short-haired girl sighed, “This woman sure is energetic.”

Meanwhile, the livestream chat of [Want to be Human] turned into a sea of laughter.

According to the plot, Li Muyang’s mother had a huge fight because she discovered ambiguous messages between her husband and a female colleague. Father Li retreated to the study and shut the door to play games, shutting the door, leaving Mother Li no way to continue to vent her anger on Father Li. Since she was angry, she would wake up her sleeping son and beat him, taking out all her anger on Li Muyang. If players didn’t rescue him in time, Li Muyang’s health would drop to 70%.

Basically all the players in the early stages of the game would only come to rescue Li Muyang using various identities after his health dropped to 70%. Some players would pose as Child Protection Services to take him away, while others posed as property managers, camping outside the door all night. If Mother Li beat her son again, they would break in as quickly as possible to protect him.

But this time, other players did not receive a warning that Li Muyang’s health had dropped to 70%.

It turned out that just now, the moment the Li couple started arguing and smashing things, Yan Jiyun who had been crouching on the bookshelf made a move. He jumped onto Li Muyang’s bed and woke him up, motioning him to hide under the bed. Li Muyang was confused at first, and it wasn’t until Yan Jiyun went in and out from under his bed that he understood his meaning, following him underneath.

According to Yan Jiyun’s guess, after the woman was unable to deal with her husband and couldn’t vent her anger, she would definitely find trouble with Li Muyang. Cowardly weaklings only knew to bully those weaker than themselves.

Sure enough, an angry woman rushed into Lu Muyang’s room. The woman was actually still young, in her thirties and well-maintained. However, the beautiful face was distorted with rage and became ugly. Being angry was the most cowardly action.

Yan Jiyun and Li Muyang were lying under the bed, and Li Muyang placed a hand on his bed.

He had long grown accustomed to his parent’s quarrels. Because he was young and unable to go against the power of adults, he could only be beat passively every time. He tried to hide in the past, but it was useless. The beating would only be worse and the woman’s anger more intense.

At this time, the furious woman began to curse Li Muyang indiscriminately.

“Li Muyang, hide your ass! Get the hell out for me! I should’ve never given birth to you, a piece of trash just like your dad! Come out and sleep properly! Don’t think I don’t know you’re hiding!”

“Alright, you don’t want to come out? Don’t force me to drag you out.”

She opened the closet but didn’t find anyone, and her feet turned towards the bed. She came closer and bent down; a large, upside-down face suddenly appeared in front of Yan Jiyun.

F*ck, that’s scary!

Even though Yan Jiyun was prepared, he was still frightened. At the same time, the woman was also startled by a pair of pale green eyes in the darkness.

“Li Muyang, you and your father were born to go against me! How dare you let this beast scare me!”

She stretched out a hand to grab Li Muyang’s foot and drag him out, but before she could touch him, Yan Jiyun swiped her wrist with his paw, leaving three long bloody scratches.

Seeing the blood on her wrist, the woman grew even angrier.

Of course, her attention on Li Muyang was also diverted by Yan Jiyun!

“You little beast, come out! See if I don’t beat you to death!”

Yan Jiyun’s goal was to prevent the woman from hurting the child. He crawled out from under the bed and ran outside. The enraged woman gave up on the idea of beating Li Muyang and instead chased after the black cat that had run out from under the bed.

Damn it, she would definitely catch this beast today and punish it severely!

She must throw it down the building, even better if it died.

At this time, Yan Jiyun had run to the living room. He had previously surveyed this suffocating space.

The house was about 120 square meters, consisting of three bedrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

The owner of the house had an excessively volatile temper, and the living room was an utter mess. There were unopened delivery boxes piled up everywhere, clothes strewn around, and tonight’s unfinished dinner left on the table. The house also reeked of a foul stench coming from the direction of the kitchen. It could be seen that the owner had not taken out the kitchen trash for some time. All in all, the house was filthy and disorganized.

Some people looked immaculate outside, but their homes were a complete mess.

In such a chaotic house, despite the overwhelming smell irritating Yan Jiyun’s extremely sensitive nose, there were plenty of hiding spots. He had to thank his poop shoveling officer for often playing hide-and-seek at home, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to identify the best hiding places so quickly.

Yan Jiyun leaped into the mountain of delivery boxes. The woman rushed over, seemingly within reach of Yan Jiyun. She lunged at him, but lost her balance and grabbed at the boxes for support. The boxes fell to the floor, scattering all over in a mess. Yan Jiyun then jumped onto the dining table. The woman turned and lunged at the table, half her body crashing onto it with a loud thud. Her previously tied-up hair now hung loosely, making her look like a madwoman.

The woman was so angry she had long forgotten her original intention.

By this point, Yan Jiyun had already occupied the higher ground. He jumped onto a wooden ledge used for placing decorative items jutting out from the living room wall and stood there, coldly staring down at the woman below.

But a violent woman wasn’t easy to deal with. She had to catch the black cat that was mocking her!

“Damned little beast!”

She threw whatever was at hand at Yan Jiyun, determined to bring him down!

Pillows, teacups, fruit!

Yan Jiyun dodged left and right, jumping from the ledge to the top of the liquor cabinet, then nimbly diving under the sofa.

The cough was an L-shaped sofa, with two sections placed side by side. The woman didn’t know where to start. For a moment, she was bewildered: “…”


“Hahahahaha, damn, this is the first time I’ve seen this instance go this way!”

“The other anchors are still discussing downstairs right now while the little kitty has made the mistress run in circles! Good! I love the kitty streamer!”

“Mother Li’s no good. I still want to see her rip the kitty apart with her hands. Disappointed.”

“Hahaha, when the kitty dove under the sofa, Mother Li was dumbfounded. Who knew the sofa would be such a bug?”

“I suddenly feel a bit sorry for Mother Li. It’s like watching myself raising a pet.”

“Here’s a donation, kitty. Get yourself some more canned food to supplement yourself. Looking forward to it.”

No matter how lively the atmosphere in the livestream was, it couldn’t affect Yan Jiyun. He finally managed to catch a breath and could relax a bit.

He squatted under the sofa and rested for a moment, thinking it should be safe now.

Suddenly, he saw a flash of light. He had underestimated the woman’s determination to catch him.

She actually lifted one section of the sofa with her bare hands, letting out a terrifying evil laugh: “Little beast, let’s see where you run now!”

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