Pioneering the Famous Hot Spring “Isekai no Yu”

Pioneering the Famous Hot Spring “Isekai no Yu”

Native LanguageJapanese

“A person from another world is here! Be naked because it’s okay.”

My name is Yoshizō Yukawa. Another name is Onsen Manju III. A solitary hot spring hunter, 35 years old, a single local public servant. He died one day and reincarnated in another world.

The different world that was blown away is a natural hot spring paradise. However…. Do people from different worlds not enter the hot springs??? Cursed hot water??? What’s that?!! Isn’t it stupid?!! If this happens, it’s time to spread the truth about hot springs with your partner, the fox girl, “Mayudama-san” (Kansai dialect)! I’ll hit my “hot spring road”! First of all … “Take off your clothes and get naked.”

Such a heartwarming different world hot spring life of Yoshizō Yukawa. Be careful about hot water. Is it hot spring time? That’s all! !! Pioneering the famous hot spring “Isekai no Yu”

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