After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

Honey Trap (part 1)

The air was quiet for a moment.

Qi Zhuoyu looked at him with lowered eyelashes. “Have you made up your mind?”

Feng Xuan: “.”


He felt he needed to think again.

After a few seconds of silence, this time he really made up his mind.

He had even called him senior brother, which proved he was determined to help Qi Zhuoyu repair his primordial spirit.

After seeing the scenes from the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting, Feng Xuan realized that Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit problem was a historical issue!

He had always thought it was because the big devil tore his own primordial spirit to burn the Divine Soul Lamp every day, causing it to dissipate so quickly.

It turned out that from the beginning, he had never treated himself well.

Feng Xuan nodded. “I’ve made up my mind, Senior brother.”

Qi Zhuoyu said, “After the Shenjiao, the primordial spirits of Dao companions will be marked with each other’s imprint. If one dies, the other will also be worse than dead. It’s not just as simple as repairing the primordial spirit.”

Feng Xuan thought to himself that the big devil was really talking nonsense.

Of course, he had thought through all of this before agreeing to help him.

Qi Zhuoyu paused, then spoke. “And there’s another side effect.”

Feng Xuan: “?” Those demon doctors had praised the Shenjiao to the skies when they told him about it, but they hadn’t mentioned any side effects.

Qi Zhuoyu said with a tone that barely concealed his amusement. “Senior brother will be struck by your father.”

He pointed at the sky. “With heavenly lightning ten times thicker than what you saw last time at Biluo River.”

Qi Zhuoyu had meant it as a joke.

But he didn’t expect that Feng Xuan was already a bit nervous.

With this description, he seemed visibly more panicked.

“Then what should we do?” Feng Xuan still remembered the heavenly lightning from last time. The big devil’s primordial spirit was already weak, if he got struck again, it would be disastrous.

Feng Xuan hesitated for a moment. “How about we don’t do the Shenjiao for now?”

Qi Zhuoyu: ?

Qi Zhuoyu suddenly darkened his expression, fiercely saying, “Not allowed.”

Before Feng Xuan could react, after saying “not allowed”, Qi Zhuoyu pinched his cheeks and kissed him.

He was stunned for a moment, thinking that the demon doctors hadn’t included kissing in the Shenjiao steps they told him about!

But when Qi Zhuoyu kissed him, Feng Xuan was already powerless to think any further.

Thanks to Qi Zhuoyu’s diligence in certain matters these past few days.

He would often pull Feng Xuan to practice, causing Feng Xuan to become forcibly proficient now, at least he wouldn’t suffocate while kissing.

Muffled thunder continued to rumble in the sky above.

Feng Xuan was kissed to the point of comfort, his fox-like eyes squinting contentedly, as if he might fall asleep the next second.

Qi Zhuoyu laughed silently, hoping this little ancestor would remember the Shenjiao.

It was as likely as expecting him to get up before the sun was high in the sky.

So as they continued kissing, Qi Zhuoyu took control of the entire situation.

Feng Xuan’s body was a bit soft, almost leaning on him, even making salted fish-like grunts, the hand hooked around Qi Zhuoyu’s neck barely holding on.

Gradually, he felt his consciousness becoming somewhat hazy.

This had never happened before when kissing.

In a daze, Feng Xuan seemed to hear Qi Zhuoyu asking near his ear. “Do you know how to engage in Shenjiao?”

Feng Xuan nodded groggily, he had read some related books before.

But at this stage, his brain was fuzzy and floating.

He couldn’t fully remember what he had read, so Feng Xuan hesitated a bit as he nodded.

Qi Zhuoyu chuckled and said against his lips. “Senior brother will teach you.”

Then Feng Xuan felt as if his sea of consciousness had been opened by someone.

This was a completely new experience, and it was very extraordinary.

The sea of consciousness could be considered the most secret place for cultivation in everyone, and some people’s sea of consciousness might never be visited in their entire lives.

Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit had always been domineering and powerful, but when he knocked on his sea of consciousness, he was extremely gentle and patient.

Inside Feng Xuan’s sea of consciousness was a huge divine wutong tree emitting a faint white light. Beneath the wutong tree was a layer of tender blue seawater, spread very thinly on the ground. His primordial spirit floated in midair, and he could feel the comfort of the warm spring breeze.

His sea of consciousness indeed reflected his own personality well.

At the very center of the divine tree was where his primordial spirit resided. Everyone’s primordial spirit had different shapes or manifestations.

Feng Xuan belonged to the descendants of the ancient divine phoenix race.

His primordial spirit was a fluffy little phoenix, curled up quietly sleeping on the tree.

Seemingly sensing that Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit was very familiar, Feng Xuan didn’t resist much and directly let him in.

Mainly because being kissed like this by the big devil while also having his nape gently squeezed was really too comfortable. If he hadn’t remembered that he was still in Shenjiao, he would have wanted to give up and fall asleep the next second.

He barely remembered to help Qi Zhuoyu repair his primordial spirit.

Feng Xuan quickly condensed his primordial spirit. The sleeping little phoenix suddenly opened its eyes and shook itself, then transformed into a soft halo of light, instinctively flying towards Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit.

He just approached Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit and sensed the cold, like the eternal snow of the demon realm.

At this moment, Feng Xuan still had the mood to examine the shape of Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit.

But he couldn’t tell what it was, after all, he was human, and only a small part of his primordial spirit had entered his sea of consciousness.

Feng Xuan knew that because Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit was simply too powerful, his cultivation level couldn’t fully bear all of it.

Even though he was already in a weakened state, if all of it entered Feng Xuan’s sea of consciousness, whether intentionally or not, it would cause damage to Feng Xuan’s sea of consciousness.

Just this little bit made Feng Xuan’s sea of consciousness gradually change from a warm spring scene to light snow, then heavy snow.

However, the scene of snow falling on the sea surface was still beautiful.

Feng Xuan studied Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit, but he didn’t know how to repair it.

So he tried to envelop Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit with his own, just like he would use divine consciousness to wrap around the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting.

After all, the big devil’s primordial spirit didn’t seem to be much.

Why not try sticking to it completely?

Then he was directly stunned.

Feng Xuan felt that he must have overestimated himself while underestimating Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit.

The moment their primordial spirits merged, Feng Xuan felt an intense white light flash through his mind.

It was sharing all feelings intimately with another person, a spiritual entanglement more terrifying than physical entanglement. The other’s joys and sorrows, and countless memories of this life, flashed before his eyes like a fleeting glimpse. Along with it came the pleasure and pain of spiritual fusion, almost covering Feng Xuan’s entire sea of consciousness.

The most direct manifestation was that he wanted to escape.

This was too much!

Feng Xuan almost instinctively wanted to push Qi Zhuoyu away.

But before he could move, Qi Zhuoyu discovered his intention.

At some point, the youth’s face was covered with a thin layer of fine sweat, dampening some of his soft long hair, with strands clinging messily to his temples and sideburns.

At the moment of spiritual fusion, Feng Xuan struggled uncomfortably, as if trying to escape this terrifying pleasure. Qi Zhuoyu didn’t let him struggle. Feng Xuan only retreated a little before Qi Zhuoyu embraced him completely and flipped him over, pressing him down.

There was some humid moisture in the air.

Feng Xuan didn’t know how long it lasted.

When Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit slightly separated from his, he felt he couldn’t speak.

Not only was he unable to speak, he even felt like he had lost his soul.

Feng Xuan felt entirely unwell.

Qi Zhuoyu still looked very at ease, pinching his face and mocking him. “So weak?”

Feng Xuan: ? Is this the first thing you say to your Dao companion after Shenjiao?

Qi Zhuoyu was completely unaware that his straight man comment had offended him.

Feng Xuan got up from his embrace, sulking for a while, then explained for himself. “This isn’t about me being weak. Your primordial spirit is too overwhelming.”

“You can’t handle even this,” Qi Zhuoyu said. “What about dual cultivation in the future?”


There’s even dual cultivation?!

Thinking of Qi Zhuoyu’s extraordinary talent in certain aspects, Feng Xuan really felt his vision go black.

Was it still possible to divorce his Dao companion now?

He was really anxious, waiting for an answer online.

Qi Zhuoyu stared at him for a while, then burst into laughter.

Feng Xuan was bewildered by his laughter, thinking what kind of straight man is this, it’s too much, a little mockery is fine, but why is he laughing so loudly now?!

After laughing, Qi Zhuoyu made an ambiguous snort and said, “If Xiao Qi is like this, how will you continue to tease Senior brother in the future?”

Feng Xuan: Big brother, who was teasing whom just now, have some self-awareness.jpg

Feng Xuan originally didn’t want to pay attention to this elementary school chicken, but then remembered something important.

According to his original plan, to help Qi Zhuoyu repair his primordial spirit, he should have entered Qi Zhuoyu’s sea of consciousness.

But due to lack of experience, Qi Zhuoyu had seized the initiative.

It ended up being his own primordial spirit that was repaired by the other party.

Feng Xuan was a bit worried. “Senior brother, can I take a look at your primordial spirit?”

Qi Zhuoyu: “Why?”

Feng Xuan: “Just now, it was you who repaired my primordial spirit.”

Qi Zhuoyu laughed. “Don’t worry. Senior brother’s primordial spirit is very good.”

After saying this, he hinted somewhat.

In a very frivolous tone. “Xiao Qi can play however you want.”

Feng Xuan: “.”

He knew he couldn’t talk about anything serious with him!

Since the Shenjiao, Feng Xuan clearly felt a closer connection with Qi Zhuoyu.

Because last time, it should have been him helping to repair Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit, but it ended up being Qi Zhuoyu repairing his.

After returning, Feng Xuan diligently cultivated for a period of time.

Then, with renewed energy, he prepared to repair the big devil’s primordial spirit a second time.

This time, he had to persevere no matter what.

At least he needed to enter Qi Zhuoyu’s sea of consciousness first.

However, this attempt also ended in failure.



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