After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

Shenjiao?! (part 2)

Feng Xuan got straight to the point. “I heard thunder outside, suspected you were secretly up to something, so I came to take a look.”

Hearing this, Qi Zhuoyu didn’t say anything.

He turned around, sat on the beauty couch by the window, and beckoned to Feng Xuan. “Come here.”

Feng Xuan didn’t hesitate, but as soon as he walked over, he was pulled by Qi Zhuoyu and embraced onto the beauty couch.

Feng Xuan had recently become so immune to being embraced by Qi Zhuoyu that he just gave up resisting.

“It’s just ordinary thunder, it has nothing to do with me,” Qi Zhuoyu explained.

He pinched Feng Xuan’s face, suddenly chuckling. “But I’m quite disappointed.”

Feng Xuan: “?” The topic jumped so quickly, he didn’t quite understand.

Qi Zhuoyu looked at him. “I thoughtXiao Qi came to find Senior brother in the middle of the night to do naughty things.”

Feng Xuan: “…”

He hadn’t thought that far.

“Can’t you be more serious?” Feng Xuan was both annoyed and amused, biting Qi Zhuoyu’s shoulder.

This time he controlled his strength, probably not even leaving a teeth mark.

However, being interrupted by his frivolous remark like this.

The bit of uneasiness in Feng Xuan’s heart seemed to have eased a lot.

It was rare for the two of them to have such a quiet moment where they weren’t doing anything.

Feng Xuan originally thought if nothing was wrong, he would just go back, but since he was already here, it felt a waste not to ask anything.

Not knowing what came to mind, Feng Xuan tilted his head to look at him. “Big devil, do you still remember things about us from before?”

Qi Zhuoyu: “What about it?”

Feng Xuan hesitated for a moment. “It’s just.”

He slowly opened his mouth. “This afternoon, I told you a lot about my Father God. You’ve never told me about your things.”

“I’ve told you before,” Qi Zhuoyu calmly spoke, “But you forgot.”

Feng Xuan originally felt a bit smugly righteous.

But as soon as he heard this sentence, he instantly felt guilty.

Changing the subject. “Oh, oh. So that’s how it is.”

“But if you want to hear, Senior brother can tell you again.”

Feng Xuan listened attentively.

Qi Zhuoyu said leisurely. “You used to love me very much.”

As soon as he heard the first sentence, Feng Xuan was like: ???

He suspected if Qi Zhuoyu had said it backwards.

Shouldn’t stories about the past usually start with “I used to love you very much”???

Feng Xuan hesitated. “Did you say it backwards?”

Qi Zhuoyu looked very righteous. “No.”

He continued, “I used to love you very much too.”

Although his voice was no different from usual, Feng Xuan somehow felt his ears getting hot hearing this.

He silently waited for a while, thinking Qi Zhuoyu had more to say.

But after saying this sentence, he had nothing more to add, his gaze constantly falling on the window outside, looking thoughtful.

Feng Xuan was a bit incredulous: That’s it?!

Given that in their previous life in the mortal realm, they loved each other enough to block lightning tribulation for each other.

Feng Xuan thought the big devil would at least give a long speech for a while.

But thinking about it again, with his taciturn personality.

Being able to squeeze out these two sentences was already a blessing in disguise.

He was silent, but Qi Zhuoyu raised an eyebrow, suddenly reaching out to him. “Give it to me.”

A flash of confusion passed through Feng Xuan’s eyes, then he lowered his head, realizing Qi Zhuoyu was referring to the small pouch.

Feng Xuan handed the small pouch at his waist to Qi Zhuoyu, who skillfully untied it and then rummaged inside, as if looking for something.

After a while, he took out a scroll from inside.

When Feng Xuan saw it, he thought, no way.

Was the big devil like himself, playing during the day and only remembering to do homework at night?

While he was lost in thought, Qi Zhuoyu held him and spoke. “This object is called the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting.”

The name sounded quite nice, but why was the big devil suddenly telling him this?

“This was a treasure you once loved very much.”

Feng Xuan: Ah, this. He really couldn’t imagine he used to be quite rich.

Qi Zhuoyu handed the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting to him, along with a look that said, didn’t you want to know about our past, just open it and see.

Feng Xuan opened it with some doubt, and the scroll of the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting immediately appeared before his eyes.

It seemed like it was his first time using it, but it also felt particularly familiar.

Feng Xuan covered the scroll of the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting with his divine consciousness, and suddenly unfamiliar scenes appeared before his eyes.

There were deserts, seas, oases, and even the sunrise of the Dongyi demon clan.

Feng Xuan exclaimed in surprise. “What is this?”

Qi Zhuoyu: “These are the landscapes you recorded before.”

Well, well.

He didn’t expect he used to be quite artistic.

But thinking about it, it was indeed so.

If he had the chance to travel in the mortal realm, he would definitely record all these landscapes.

Feng Xuan looked at the scenes in the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting, as if discovering a new world, unable to put it down.

Qi Zhuoyu glanced at him, silently curving his lips.

Most of the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting contained landscape scenes.

There was also a small part with some clear or blurry back views and side profiles.

Although not very clear, unsurprisingly, these all came from the same person.

Qi Zhuoyu spoke, in a resounding manner. “You secretly photographed Senior brother.”

Feng Xuan: “…”

Have some shame, big brother!

How long has this Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting been with you, you must have looked at it back and forth countless times, and you’re only now deliberately saying this?

Moreover, Feng Xuan raised his head, just wanting to explain that maybe he had accidentally recorded it before.

Then he saw Qi Zhuoyu’s very punchable expression of “save it, I’ve long discovered you love Senior brother very much”.

He really wanted to punch that handsome face.jpg

Feng Xuan didn’t want to pay attention to him, and flipped through the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting again.

As he was flipping, he suddenly felt something was not quite right.

Almost all the previous scenes were landscapes of the mortal world, and Feng Xuan thought that was all.

But towards the end, he flipped to some very strange scenes that looked like they were recorded casually.

There were gloomy valleys, tall trees he had never seen before, glaciers, and snow fields.

And the recording method was extremely simple and crude, as if the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting was just taken out for a cursory pass.

In several images, parts of the body of the person holding the scroll were even accidentally recorded.

From just a small part, a pair of hands covered in blood could be seen.

Feng Xuan suddenly felt a pang in his heart, seeming to guess something, but still asked. “Were these recorded by me too?”

Qi Zhuoyu lowered his head to look. “No.”

Feng Xuan looked up at him, seemingly prepared to hear his explanation.

Qi Zhuoyu said, “These were recorded by Senior brother.”

The man’s voice was deep, and as he spoke of this matter now, it was as calm as if those heavy past events didn’t exist. “For those two hundred years, I didn’t even have a single portrait of you.”

“When campaigning north and south, I would bring the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting. Remembering how you liked to look at scenery everywhere, sometimes when I saw something interesting, I would record it.” Qi Zhuoyu saw the scene Feng Xuan was lingering on, which seemed to be left when he went to a secret realm left by some primordial era demon clan.

At that time, the secret realm was very dangerous, and he insisted on going only because he had heard a rumor from somewhere.

It was said that in the secret realm of the primordial demon clan, there was a treasure that could bring a person’s primordial spirit back to life.

Feng Xuan’s voice was a bit hoarse, his ten fingers unconsciously gripping the scroll tightly. “In this one, you seem to be injured.”

“Mm. That secret realm was quite perilous,” Qi Zhuoyu answered in a low voice. “But inside there was a treasure that could bring a primordial spirit back to life.”

Although he said very little, Feng Xuan still deduced the situation at that time from his few words.

For a secret realm to be described as perilous by the big devil, this lifelong rolling king elementary school chicken, it must have been beyond just perilous.

It was probably a life-and-death situation.

Feng Xuan could hardly imagine what kind of mental state Qi Zhuoyu was in at that time.

Just hearing some legends that couldn’t even be proven true, he dared to recklessly go into the secret realm to try.

If he wasn’t at his wit’s end.

How could he dare to risk his life to try every mistake.

Because Qi Zhuoyu couldn’t afford to gamble.

He couldn’t afford to gamble on the chance that this time might be real, that he might find his primordial spirit that had long scattered in the world.

Feng Xuan also couldn’t construct under what kind of scenario.

That such an invincible and arrogant man would feel his life was coming to an end.

And his first reaction when facing death.

Was actually to take out the Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Painting to look at his portrait.

This was the first time Feng Xuan felt so viscerally.

How terrifying the emotion behind Qi Zhuoyu’s calm “I loved you very much too” really was.

It was also the first time he felt.

What those two hundred years meant to Qi Zhuoyu.

The tip of his nose felt sour, and his eyes reddened.

Fortunately, with his head lowered, Qi Zhuoyu didn’t notice his abnormality.

Only feeling that Feng Xuan had been silent for a long time without speaking, Qi Zhuoyu asked, “What’s wrong?”

From his angle, he could only see the youth’s fair earlobe, and Qi Zhuoyu couldn’t resist pinching it mischievously.

Hmm, the feel of pinching his cheek flesh was still a bit better, he evaluated impassively in his heart.

Yingxu Palace was very quiet in the night.

In the room, no one had spoken for a long time.

After a while, Qi Zhuoyu finally heard Feng Xuan’s voice.

The youth closed the scroll, raised his head, and stared at him seriously.

His cheeks tinged with a layer of crimson, Feng Xuan slowly opened his mouth. “Senior brother. Let’s do Shenjiao.”



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