After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

Honey Trap (part 2)

Let alone entering Qi Zhuoyu’s sea of consciousness, he could barely handle even a kiss from Qi Zhuoyu.

This made Feng Xuan seriously doubt his bird life.

They were both experiencing their first Dao companion Shenjiao.

Why had Qi Zhuoyu’s technique improved so much faster than his, progressing at an incredible rate?

Could it be that the big devil had some unique talent in this aspect too?!

Moreover, after each session, it always felt like he was the one left drained.

These past few days, Qi Zhuoyu had gone to cause trouble in the Chaotic Sea again.

The vast Yingxu royal palace became quiet, and while wandering around, Feng Xuan encountered those demon doctors from the demon race again.

Honestly, since he still hadn’t successfully completed the Shenjiao or repaired Qi Zhuoyu’s primordial spirit,

He even felt a bit guilty seeing the demon doctors now.

Yet they still greeted him enthusiastically.

And inquired about the Demon Venerable’s primordial spirit condition.

Feng Xuan hesitated, not knowing how to answer. The demon doctors, who understood Qi Zhuoyu so well, could tell at a glance that it hadn’t been successful.

But they misunderstood, thinking that their Demon Venerable’s dignity was inviolable and wouldn’t let Feng Xuan enter his sea of consciousness.

So they taught Feng Xuan a technique on the spot.

Hearing it made Feng Xuan’s ears turn red, his face shocked, his whole bird self feeling a bit unwell. “Can this really work?”

The demon doctors nodded. “Why not? It definitely can. His Excellency dotes on you so much, just use this technique! Even the softest man is hard at such times!”

After saying this, they even rummaged through their medicine chest and pulled out an illustrated book, handing it to Feng Xuan.

They told him to learn from it if he didn’t know what to do. Feng Xuan opened it, took one look, and put on a pained expression.

So why do you demon doctors have this kind of erotic picture book in your medicine chest?!

What the hell?!

Feng Xuan didn’t take this matter to heart.

He noticed something was off again when Qi Zhuoyu returned from causing trouble in the Chaotic Sea.

It was midnight then, and Feng Xuan had gone to bed early.

Just as he was deep asleep, he was suddenly awakened by a shaking, followed by the coolness of the night brought in from outside.

Only Qi Zhuoyu could approach him silently in the entire Yingxu Palace.

Feng Xuan sat up groggily, not having time to react. Qi Zhuoyu suddenly embraced him, pressing against his forehead, and without a word, tried to open his sea of consciousness.


Initiating a Shenjiao in the middle of the night, just like that?!

Moreover, he felt something was off about the big devil’s body. Even from this distance, he could feel the chilly atmosphere around him.

Though there was no smell of blood, he looked extremely gloomy, even the occasional smile he used to show was gone.

He looked like an evil spirit crawling up from the deepest part of the Chaotic Sea.

There was no warmth in his body at all, the coldness seemed to radiate from his bones.

Feng Xuan felt uneasy.

“Where did you go?”

“Handled some business,” Qi Zhuoyu’s voice was calm.

Feng Xuan was silent for a few seconds.

He knew this meant Qi Zhuoyu was unwilling to tell him.

He also knew that the big devil’s refusal to tell him

Must be because this matter was extremely dangerous.

He wasn’t so willful or naive, and understood it was for his own good.

Insisting on getting to the bottom of it would only lead to unnecessary arguments.

Qi Zhuoyu just held him like this.

Feng Xuan didn’t want to do Shenjiao, and Qi Zhuoyu didn’t force him.

After a while, Feng Xuan suddenly moved.

But the place he moved was a bit strange. Qi Zhuoyu’s face showed rare confusion as he watched this little ancestor, for the first time looking annoyed as he fumbled with his waistband.

Qi Zhuoyu grasped his wrist. “Xiao Qi?”

Feng Xuan thought, you stinky pig’s trotter, always hiding things from me, you’d better not talk to me now, or I’ll bite you to death.

Feng Xuan had originally wanted to give off a domineering god feeling, smoothly undoing the big devil’s waistband.

But their demon realm clothes were made of who knows what, and he really couldn’t undo it despite tugging and pulling.

He even questioned his life for a few minutes.

Then he heard Qi Zhuoyu’s voice. “…What are you trying to do?”

Feng Xuan spoke without much patience. “Can’t you tell?”

He bared his teeth, pretending to be fierce. “This god is preparing to play with you! You’d better not be scared to death.”

Qi Zhuoyu paused, his gaze darkening. “Mm, scared to death.” He sounded so perfunctory.

“Almost really died. Why don’t Xiao Qi continue?” He even encouraged Feng Xuan, with a hint of eager excitement in his tone.

Feng Xuan: “.”

In terms of shamelessness, he felt he really couldn’t match Qi Zhuoyu’s thick skin.

Qi Zhuoyu was originally just teasing him.

Usually at this point, Feng Xuan would generally give up.

But tonight, for some reason, the expected scene didn’t occur.

Feng Xuan seemed to hesitate for a long time before reaching out his hand.

It wasn’t the expected retreat, but a more determined effort to undo his waistband.

Qi Zhuoyu: …?

The room temperature wasn’t high.

And Qi Zhuoyu’s body was still deathly cold, like a corpse.

But Feng Xuan felt that from his neck to his cheeks, everything was burning up, the temperature frighteningly hot.

His hands were trembling more and more, several times almost failing to grasp the waistband.

“Don’t misunderstand,” Feng Xuan lowered his head, trying not to look at Qi Zhuoyu’s face, his voice as soft as a murmur. “It’s just.”

He explained quietly. “It’s just that during previous Shenjiaos, it seemed like only I was experiencing pleasure. Senior brother never showed any change, I felt this wasn’t fair.”

Qi Zhuoyu’s Adam’s apple moved slightly up and down, but he didn’t speak.

He just stared at Feng Xuan with an increasingly dark gaze, as Feng Xuan’s eyes turned blood-red.

“Click.” The final lock was undone.

In the night, Feng Xuan raised his head.

Qi Zhuoyu only saw his eyes, glistening with moisture, a layer of mist seeming to float in their depths.

“I’ve been practicing secretly recently. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me,” Feng Xuan added nervously.

“Practicing secretly?” Qi Zhuoyu raised an eyebrow.

Feng Xuan’s palms grew hot, sweating nervously, and feeling very warm.

“…Practicing in my mind.” What else? It’s not like he had any physical objects to practice with. Although he didn’t want to admit it, using himself, the size difference was a bit too much.

Qi Zhuoyu’s eyelashes lowered, hiding the intense desire in his eyes. He leaned back slightly, in an extremely relaxed and casual posture. “What? When Senior brother goes out, is Xiao Qi secretly thinking about these things in his mind?”

Feng Xuan: “?”

His face immediately turned terribly red. “Can you not twist my words!”

Qi Zhuoyu hissed, his brow twitching. “Don’t use so much force.”

Feng Xuan: “…Oh.” Who told him to annoy him.

Suddenly, no one spoke in the room. Clearly, Qi Zhuoyu was the one being bullied.

But why did Feng Xuan feel like he was more tired?!

And he was getting increasingly exhausted.

So much time had passed, his hand was sore, why hadn’t the big devil finished as described in the manual?

Feng Xuan was getting a bit tired and mumbled. “You’re taking too long…”

Qi Zhuoyu snorted and said, “It’s you who’s moving too slowly.”

Even for a slacker like Feng Xuan, being told he was slow in this aspect still sparked a bit of his competitive spirit.

He glanced at Qi Zhuoyu and, under the other’s slightly confused gaze, suddenly lay down.

When his long hair fell on his legs, Qi Zhuoyu’s expression suddenly changed.

In just a few breaths, the man was about to reach out and pull Feng Xuan up.

Feng Xuan seemed to sense something too. He hadn’t made any big moves yet when Qi Zhuoyu pulled him up from below.

Qi Zhuoyu’s voice was hoarse. “Don’t force yourself.”

Feng Xuan: No need to be so confident!

But thinking of what he had just seen.

Fine then.

The big devil’s confidence was well-founded.jpg

When Feng Xuan got up, he inhaled too sharply and couldn’t help but cover his mouth and cough violently, with some saliva coughed out at the corner of his mouth.

Qi Zhuoyu held him in his arms, soothingly patting his back, as if helping him catch his breath.

After coughing for a while, Feng Xuan felt much better, just the corner of his mouth still hurt a bit.

Qi Zhuoyu’s brow twitched, almost gritting his teeth as he whispered in his ear. “Where did you learn these bad tricks?”

It was Feng Xuan’s first time doing this, his face red enough to drip blood.

The next second, Qi Zhuoyu pressed down on his waist, hugging him tightly, burying his face in the crook of his neck. Being so close, his nose was filled with that faint sweet white peach scent from Feng Xuan’s body.

After an unknown amount of time, Qi Zhuoyu raised his head.

Feng Xuan, still maintaining his last shred of clear-minded rationality, took advantage of Qi Zhuoyu’s momentary lack of reaction and forcefully entered his sea of consciousness.

He unexpectedly found himself in a world of ice and snow.

Oh. He got in.

Yay. The demon doctor’s method really worked!



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