The Multidimensional Cocktail Bar of the Other World

The Multidimensional Cocktail Bar of the Other World

이세계의 다차원 칵테일 바, TMCBOW
Native LanguageKorean

No. Store closed.

The store is closing early due to the owner’s lack of motivation.

The day I submitted my resignation, I died in an accident.

I thought it was all over, but I fell through the cracks of dimensions.

<Notice> Welcome! Grow your own world!

<Notice> Recommended membership: Basic (9,800 coins per month)

What is this? Is this some kind of N*tflix?

To survive, I have to run a cocktail bar and collect coins to pay the subscription fee.

“Who decided this? I’m not doing it!”

When I lay down, refusing to work, the system kept prodding me with carrots and sticks.


As I shook the shaker across different dimensions, regulars gradually gathered.

It seemed like a survival-type scenario, but did I play the bartender role too well?

“Any interest in becoming a bartender at my estate?”

The straightforward duke, a big shot at the cocktail bar, kept pestering me.

“I have to protect you too. How can I leave you alone when all you can do is garnish with a knife?”

The participant of the death game who collapsed in front of the store became a part-timer.

“Nuna! Wanna upgrade your membership? I’ll give you a discount!”

It seems like there’s a story behind the system that’s trying to rip me off?

The multidimensional cocktail bar stuck in the dimensional rift is now open for business!


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