The Minor Villainess Hopes for Revenge

The Minor Villainess Hopes for Revenge

TMVHR | 조무래기 악녀는 복수를 희망한다
Native LanguageKorean

The Empire’s Influential Duke Reinhardt’s House’s Unbearable Nuisance Lady.

An adopted child who doesn’t know her place, a woman who ruins social gatherings.

The woman who tried to poison Aria Reinhardt, the Duke’s biological daughter.

That was me, Mindia Reinhardt.

“Your Grace! Please, spare me!”
“Beg Aria, whom you nearly killed!”

The moment I was beheaded, I realized.

This place is the novel I read, and I’m the minor villain who dies early in the story. After returning, I vowed not to live like that in this life. I tried to grab any man and marry him to escape the Duke’s household.

“You think I don’t know you were flirting with another man at the party?!”

Thus, my second life ended in abuse. In the next life, I decided to run away. I planned to leave for a place where no one knew me and live freely.

“Traitor, Mindia Reinhardt, come out!”
“She did it alone!”
“We’re not involved!”

The sins of the Duke’s house had somehow become my sins. The third life, in which I dreamed of freedom, melted away like a dream.

And now, the fourth.

I decided I would not endure anymore. For that, I needed someone.

“I will be of help. And at the right time, I will leave you, Your Grace.”
“Yes. As if I never existed. I will definitely do that for you.”

…That was my plan.

“Where do you think you’re going now?”
“Didn’t I tell you? The Reinhardt who stands by my side, my partner, can only be you.”

Why are the hands holding me so strong and warm?

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  1. vulpixiels says:

    I love this story so much so far, thank you so much for the translation

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