The Minor Villainess Hopes for Revenge

TMVHR | Episode 23

Episode 23

“Are you accepting the Queen Dowager’s proposal?”

Jade grumbled in a discontented tone. Chris sat in the carriage, quietly gazing out the window.

The royal messenger had been sent by the Queen Dowager. The message was to inform them that it was time for Mindia’s probation to end and for her to visit the Reinhardt Ducal family.

Jade muttered.

“And now we’re actually heading to the ducal house based on that message. We’re walking right into the enemy’s den.”

“I know.”

Chris smiled bitterly. It hadn’t been long since he sent the gift, and now he was going there himself. Jade seemed distressed and exclaimed.

“And we’re already tied down. You know how unstable the North is right now.”


“If we accept this matchmaking proposal, we’ll be stuck in the capital for over a month. The imperial family and the Duke will do anything to keep you tied down.”

Jade buried his face in his hands, looking despondent.

“And of all places, Reinhardt, and of all people, Mindia Reinhardt? This is an insult.”


“It’s not just me; everyone else thinks the same!”

Jade, looking like a puppy needing to relieve itself, groaned and mumbled.

“Who mentioned using a beauty trap? That person needs to be punished. Their words came true.”

“You don’t actually think I’d fall for something like that, do you?”

“Of course not, Your Grace! The problem is that woman! Mindia Reinhardt!”

At the mention of Mindia’s name, Chris felt as if a damp air had swept past him. A strange longing brushed his heart again.

Since the first time he saw Mindia Reinhardt’s face, or more accurately, since he first heard her voice, this longing had persisted.

Sending her a gift impulsively was largely due to that longing. The time when he was bewildered by that feeling had long passed.

Chris clenched and unclenched his fist.

“You’re aware of Mindia Reinhardt’s infamous reputation!”

Jade seemed ready to collapse.

“Do you know what the young noblemen say about her?”

“I didn’t expect you to speak ill of someone’s honor.”

“Honor is one thing! And it’s not the first time she’s coveted high-ranking noblemen. She’s definitely approaching you with the same intent.”

Chris’s brows furrowed slightly.


‘I know. Everyone thinks I’m just a foolish and selfish woman.’

‘Honestly, didn’t you think the same before we spoke? That I was such a woman.’


Remembering her voice, Chris couldn’t easily dismiss Jade’s words.

“Watch your words, Jade. She is still a noble lady. Speaking ill of her honor tarnishes your pride as a knight.”

“…That’s true, but.”

Jade still seemed dissatisfied. Despite that, Chris’s mind kept recalling her words.


‘No. It’s enough for me to remain your lover, Your Grace.’


Chris clenched his hand again without realizing it. He knew he shouldn’t take those words seriously since it was just an alliance, but…

At that moment, Jade groaned again.

“But considering even the enemy’s honor, weren’t you almost poisoned? That should have been dealt with properly. If the former Grand Duke were alive…”

Jade’s expression suddenly turned pale. He seemed to realize that he had made a mistake.

“…I have committed a grave sin, Your Grace.”


“If you wish, you can sever my wrist.”

“I said enough.”

Jade was silent for a while, then whispered.

“Is that young lady worth enduring all these things?”

“I’d like to know what you mean.”

“Surely… it can’t be that you like her in a rational sense, but you must have given permission because there’s something to gain.”

Chris smiled bitterly instead of answering.

“Of course, there’s something, isn’t there?”

“Think what you want.”

“But… isn’t there already someone in the ducal house? We…”

At that moment, the carriage stopped. They were near the main gate of the ducal house. Jade seemed eager to follow inside, but the Grand Duke dismissed him.

He walked slowly.

‘If the former Grand Duke were alive…’

A lot would have been different.

As he thought this, he unexpectedly met eyes with an unexpected guest.

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince.”

“Did Grandmother also ask you to come here?”

The Crown Prince spoke with a slight sneer. Soon, the Duke hurried out to greet them both.


“Mindia, that damned girl…!”

Someone’s voice, filled with rage, called out a name.


Something shattered somewhere. The Duke’s face hardened.

Chris instinctively began to walk quickly. He had a bad feeling.

His heart pounded strangely. Why that name…

The next moment, the Grand Duke saw Servi attacking Mindia with a blade. His body moved on instinct.

* * *


Soon, there was the sound of someone falling heavily to the ground.


“Young Lord!”

The surroundings became extremely noisy. That was the moment I slowly opened my eyes. Far away, Servi lay sprawled with a clang. At the same time, a hand was guiding my body.

“…Step back.”

“Your Grace?”

Chris was standing in front of me, sword in hand. Just as I was about to say something, he spoke.

“…Forgive me, Duke. I know it’s inappropriate to draw a weapon in another family’s house.”

Chris directed his words backward. When I looked back, I saw the Duke and the Crown Prince standing together.

‘Even the Crown Prince?’

The Duke’s expression was a sight to behold. Before Chris could say anything more, the Crown Prince added in his usual mocking tone.

“Isn’t it more inappropriate to wield a weapon against an unarmed woman, especially one’s own sister? What do you think?”

The Crown Prince approached me, standing behind Chris, and placed his hand on my cheek with a pitiful expression.

“You’re hurt. What a shame.”

“She is a lady promised in marriage.”

Before I could respond, Chris gently pulled me away. It seemed like a warning to not touch me.

The Crown Prince’s smile deepened. The Duke belatedly shouted at Servi.

“What is all this commotion about?”

Servi quickly stood up and composed himself. It seemed he was just realizing his role as the Duke’s eldest son. He bowed his head to the Crown Prince and shouted.

“I apologize, Your Highness. For this disgraceful scene…”

“Isn’t it also wrong to visit without notice?”

“How could I dare to question Your Highness?”

The Crown Prince slowly looked at us as if he had seen something amusing.

“When Her Majesty the Queen Dowager urged me to come, I had no great expectations.”


“But to witness such an entertaining spectacle. It was worth the trip.”

The Queen Dowager had urged him to come.

‘She probably wanted to pair Aria with the Crown Prince.’

In the original story, the Queen Dowager takes a liking to Aria at first sight and considers her a suitable Crown Princess. So, it wasn’t strange for the Crown Prince to be here, but…

‘Why is Chris here?’

There was no reason for him to visit the ducal house directly. The ducal house wouldn’t invite the Grand Duke either.

‘Seeing that he came with the Crown Prince, it seems they couldn’t refuse the imperial family’s request…’


‘The Queen Dowager sent him along with the intent of matching him with me.’

Otherwise, there was no reason for him to come all this way. Since my probation was about to end, the Queen Dowager aimed to kill two birds with one stone.

While I was organizing my thoughts, Servi was still flustered.

“I apologize. I will handle this situation immediately.”

“Why? Won’t you show us something more entertaining?”

It was at that moment when the Crown Prince uttered those words.

“It’s not appropriate to keep the lady standing when she must be frightened.”

Chris intervened. The Duke signaled with his eyes. One of the butlers, waiting behind the Duke, approached Chris and bowed.

“I will escort Lady Mindia to the garden.”

“Oh dear. Are you sending them alone? I wish to join as well.”

“There is something prepared exclusively for Your Highness.”

The Duke intervened to prevent the Crown Prince from joining us. The Duke naturally wanted to pair Aria with the Crown Prince.

“Young Lord Servi. Where is Aria?”

At that question, Servi’s shoulders slumped significantly. I barely held back a smirk.

A hand was quietly extended in front of me. It was a large hand in a glove, holding a plain cloth.

“Please use this.”

Chris offered a handkerchief in a calm tone.

From behind the Grand Duke’s shoulder, the Duke began to glare at Servi. Servi turned pale under his gaze.

Right. The Duke probably didn’t expect Servi to cause trouble. That’s why he had only warned Seth not to scratch me.

‘It must be frustrating for the Duke since things didn’t go as planned.’

Of course, I’m in a great mood. Thanks to the unexpected arrival of Chris and the Crown Prince, a more favorable situation arose.

How fortunate that the person the Duke wanted to impress and the one he absolutely didn’t want to see such a scene both showed up. At that moment…

“Is it appropriate to offer such a rough cloth to the lady?”

The Crown Prince, who had been watching us, remarked as he pulled out an intricately embroidered silk handkerchief from his pocket.

He then extended it to me.

“It would be better to use this.”




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