Mental Caretaker In An Apolcalypse Game

Mental Caretaker In An Apolcalypse Game

아포칼립스 게임 속 멘탈 지킴이
Native LanguageKorean

I woke up from my sleep, only to find myself trapped in an apocalyptic game. And of all things, it’s one where the protagonist is a hopeless and worn-out character with no dreams and aspirations who’s driven insane by repeated regressions!


I can’t die in a place like this. I must see the ending and return home.


To get back to my world, I needed the protagonist’s abilities. Since he’s just a game character anyway… I decided to use him.


“I missed you, noona. I really missed you…”

“…Why are you saying that all of a sudden? We’ve been together all this time.”

“Please don’t throw me away. Okay? Don’t leave me behind. I’ll do better…”


But this protagonist’s mental state was far too weak. And using his abilities drained his mental strength even more, making him cling to me even more.

I had no choice.

It’s not because he’s cute or anything; it’s for the sake of reaching the ending that I’m helping him recover. But instead of getting better…


“Why do we need a plan? We’re not escaping anyway.”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

“You’ll stay with me, right? I only need you. Nothing else matters to me.”


…Will I be able to return to my original world safely?


“Think back to some happy memories.”


He opened his mouth as if he’d calmed down a little while thinking about that.


“Noona, the happiest memory for me was when I first met you.”


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