Mental Caretaker In An Apolcalypse Game

Episode 20

[Back to Ji-ah’s POV]

I didn’t know how many times he had regressed, or how many times he had met me in the process. And what exactly happened between us… But that wasn’t important right now. For the moment, I had to focus on getting out of here. Judging by his current state, he seemed to be on the verge of being consumed by his memories. He was already not in his right mind, and his gaze was slightly terrifying, but all of this was because of the trial set by the fucking final boss, and since I was the one who forced him to take the trial, I had to take responsibility until the end.

“Do-yoon, please pull yourself together.”

I gently stroked his head and then lowered my hand to pat his back. I didn’t want to say this, but honestly, he was too heavy. In the first place, an adult man putting his crushing weight on an adult woman—how could it not be heavy! But I couldn’t say that out loud… Groaning inwardly, I called out to him as gently as possible with the kindest voice I could muster.

“Do-yoon, Do-yoon. Can you hear me?”

“… .”

“From now on, think about what I’m saying.”

I decided to make him think positively for now.

“Do-yoon, shall we think about some positive things? Like happy or pleasant memories.”

As I said that, I felt the arm that was holding me tighten.

“Hmm… first of all, I’m alive, right? Look, look. I’m talking to you and even stroking your head right now.”

I wasn’t sure if my being alive would help him think positively, but considering he was crying while holding onto my dead body, I thought it might be positive.

“Think about other happy memories too.”

What memories were there…

I wanted to suggest recalling memories of traveling with family, but unfortunately, I knew he had lost his parents at a young age. I was pretty sure it was written that way in the game manual. Therefore, it seemed better not to mention it since it might lead to negative thoughts. Then, what about fun times with friends? But if I said friends, his high school friends would probably come to mind first, and the problem was that he had been betrayed by those high school friends and died several times.

Hmm… damn it. There wasn’t much to give him an example of.

As I pondered, he opened his mouth, as if that had calmed his mind a little.



“The happiest memory for me was when I first met you.”

“Ah… me?”

When he first met me?

“Obviously, I feel better when I think about that time, but in the end, thinking about the ending is painful.”

“The end…?”

“I don’t have any other happy memories… All the memories with you end up being too sad, noona, so even thinking about happy times is useless.”

The memories with me were good, but the endings tormented him? I turned my head to glance at my corpses rolling around nearby. Could this be related to that…? So, in the end, I died at the end every time?

“What should I do? I don’t think I can get out of here. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, noona.”

What should I do about this?

“Is there nothing else… other memories besides me…?”

“No, I can’t remember anything…”

Damn it, I was going to go insane. There was no solution to this, was there? Had I failed? Was I going to die and end up with a bad ending…?

For a moment, my vision went dark. Ah, was this darkness my future? But I couldn’t die like this. I had just barely survived and escaped death in that hell. How could I die again? Absolutely not.

“Do-yoon, get up.”

I decided to breathe properly for a moment and think again. He got up, and only then did I stand up from the ground, taking deep breaths of fresh air and exhaling. Come to think of it, it wasn’t fresh air. My corpses were everywhere, so just imagine the smell.Once I calmed down my anxious heart, I turned to him. He had his eyes closed most likely because he didn’t know where to look with my corpses strewn around everywhere. He looked so pitiful that I approached and patted his back.

“You know, the memories with me were happy and good for you, right?”


“Then there’s still one left, isn’t there? A memory with me that doesn’t end sadly.”

“… .”

“There’s this moment, isn’t there? The end hasn’t come yet. I’m still alive, aren’t I?”

Thinking about it, that’s how it must’ve been. It must be because I died that he kept saying the end was always sad. So, a memory with me that didn’t end sadly was the present.

But honestly, we didn’t have many good memories. The first day just passed by, and on the second day, there was chaos due to the mid-boss intrusion, and he slept all day while I ran around like a madman. Then, on the last day, all we did was run around trying to escape… It was embarrassing to even call them good memories.

Hmm… then what about this? I’d just have to create good memories on the spot. If they didn’t exist, we just had to create them, right?

“That’s right. I’m alive now. It’s not over yet.”

Even though I knew it was a crazy thing to do, I made the decision to do it for the sake of survival, but suddenly, he looked at me with regained focus in his eyes, as if he had realized something. And then I felt the things around us disappearing and the surroundings becoming brighter. Huh? Did he not need that? Oh, and here I’d agonized over it alone and came to a conclusion for nothing.

“Oh… yeah, you thought well.”

“Thank you. I really can’t do without you, sis.”

“No, I don’t think I did anything in particular…”

Still, what was good was good. I was glad we avoided a bad ending. If we got out of here now, he’d get the hidden piece and we’d move on to the next stage.

‘Hah… but when will I clear all the stages…’

The relief and joy were short-lived; when I thought about the path ahead, it seemed endless.

‘Hmm… but why isn’t this going away?’

I tilted my head, looking around at the brightened surroundings. Wasn’t this enough to pass the test? Let us out of here quickly.

“Are you thinking properly right now?”

“Yes, I am… but maybe it’s not enough?”


Was it really not enough? No wonder I thought things were going too smoothly.

“Do-yoon, do you like me?”


Ah, did I ask too directly… He seemed momentarily flustered and then his ears turned red. Wow, he really liked me? To be honest, I started to suspect it a little when he cried while holding my dead body. Then, when he said all his happy memories were with me, I wondered if he was confessing.

“Do you really like me?”


“Then, will this also become a happy memory?”

With that, I lightly kissed him on the cheek. At that moment, the surroundings brightly lit up, and before I knew it, we were back at the playground.

‘Wow, this is a direct hit. I should have used this from the start.’

As I looked around with that thought, I saw a black object collapsing in the distance. I knew immediately what it was. It was the final boss’s last moment.

“What a pleasant sight.”

I stuck my tongue at it and sneered, raising one corner of my mouth. Then, with a relieved heart, I watched the creature’s final moments.


That’s when he pulled on my sleeve and called out to me softly.


Wondering what it was, I turned around to see him looking at me, red as a tomato about to burst.

“Why did you suddenly do that…?”

“Are you shy right now?”

“No, but… .”

Caught off guard by his innocent reaction, I tried to hold back the laughter that was about to burst out. Then he muttered, “Don’t laugh,” and that it was really mean.

“Me, mean?”

“You laughed at me.”

“But you’re so funny. What should I do?”


“Okay, okay. I won’t do that next time.”

With that, I roughly stroked his head and messed up his hair.

“Anyway, it seems like that guy is finished now.”

I turned my gaze away from him and looked back at the disappearing final boss. When it finally vanished without a trace, a screen appeared before me as if it’d been waiting.


「Congratulations. You have discovered the hidden piece!」

「Would you like to check your skill?」


Of course, I pressed Yes. But then…


「Unfortunately, you do not meet the conditions to check.」

Tsk. I couldn’t even check it? That was too mean. I clicked my tongue in annoyance and turned my attention away from the screen to him.

“Did you check it out?”

“Yes… is this the ability that will help us?”

“Yes, that’s right. Now accept it and receive it.”

He hesitated for a moment before saying he had already done it, looking at me like a puppy waiting for praise.

“Good job.”

“But, did only I receive it?”

“Yes. Only one person can receive it.”

“Then why didn’t you receive it? Why did I receive it?”

“Well… there’s a condition. Only someone who has attended this school can receive it. That’s why I can’t receive it.”

“Oh… I see.”

If I could receive it, I would have accepted it even with a penalty…

“Anyway. It’s completely over, so let’s get some rest today. You must be tired. Especially since you cried so much you probably lost all your energy.”

When I subtly teased him for being a crybaby, he glared at me in a way that wasn’t too hateful and protested.

“It’s all because of you, sister, so you’re responsible.”

“Why am I responsible? It’s your fault.”

“No way. The one who provided the cause is at fault.”

I refuted him, telling him not to say nonsense like asking me to take responsibility and then headed towards the building. Then, seeing him eventually give up and quietly follow besides me, I smiled to myself.

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