I Thought I Was The Real One

I Thought I Was The Real One

내가 진짜인 줄 알았는데


It is said that she was switched with a maid’s daughter when she was kidnapped, despite being raised as the daughter of a prestigious count.

All my anger was directed towards Sena, who suffered as a maid when she was actually the real daughter.

“I’m barely holding back the urge to drag you out into the pouring rain and stab you,” my brother’s words became a dagger.

“Why should I help you? What benefit do I gain from helping you?”

After being driven out of the family, friends turned their backs on me, and my beloved fiancé mocked me.

The only person who approached me was a low-born slave’s son and war hero, Aiden Calypso.

Having just become a noble, he asked me to become his etiquette teacher, saying he needed a family tutor.

“30 gold. With this salary, I could accumulate enough money to leave this house in just months.”

With nowhere else to go, I became his family tutor. He started a business with the accumulated salary and became rich.

And I proved that I was the real one. Then those who abandoned me came to me and begged.

“My baby, my daughter. I’m sorry. Come back home.”

It’s funny. When I shouted that I was the real one, they turned their backs on me.

“It’s too late to apologize now. Regret is your responsibility.”

* * *

“If it’s hard, lean on me. Even if you can’t be a tree with good bloodline, I can be a bush that blocks the wind.”

My disciple, Aiden Calypso, smiled and put his arm around my shoulder. His light smile, but his gaze was as hot as ever.

Only then did I realize.

Becoming a family tutor was just an excuse for everything. He wanted me from the beginning.

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