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The second train departed. The train that departed from Philia Lake Station was much more comfortable than the one they had previously boarded. It was only natural. This train belonged to the highest grade of trains.

Trains passing through the central and capital regions were divided into three classes depending on the guests’ social status.

There were the deluxe express trains used by royalty and nobility, the regular express trains used by common nobles, and the slow trains available to lower nobility and commoners.

The first two types of trains were express trains that used high-grade magic crystals as raw materials, shortening the travel time by more than three times.

The difference between express and slow trains depended on the magic crystals used as raw materials. The price difference between the magic crystals used in express and regular trains was at least four times.

Naturally, since expensive magic crystals produced significantly more power output than the cheaper ones, it was inevitable that the passengers’ classes would differ.

Although there were no laws regulating the classes of train passengers, boarding the train at such exorbitant costs was only possible for the wealthy nobles and royals, thus naturally dividing the passengers by their social status.

Well, the Urentum Express Train was the only one of its kind, so it did not fall into the categories of express or slow trains.

“Good trains are different. That’s for sure.”

At the station master’s discretion, Karl and Celeste’s party could board the most modern and expensive train among the deluxe express trains. It was only natural since it was expected when His Grace the Grand Duke was present, next in line after the emperor.

When it came time to disembark at Urentum, they moved almost as if trying to escape, never even considering boarding such an expensive train, let alone knowing of its existence.

“Did you enjoy the sightseeing? I should have stuck closer to the Count and accompanied him, but Miss Valerie was there…”

In response to Hannah’s question, they answered, laying down the things they were carrying.

“Sure. If only we had enough time to take turns, Hannah could have enjoyed the market as well.”

“No, not necessary. Sightseeing, what for? You know my hometown is right next to the market? I’ve grown up seeing it my whole life.”

“Still, I feel bad I made you suffer alone while I roamed comfortably.”

Hannah Camelia, first counselor of Count Louisette. She was truly a person with tremendous responsibility and a strong sense of duty. Since merging with Celeste, there had been very few times when they were apart.

The only times they were apart were when I intentionally evaded Hannah to act alone and when she visited the Count’s mansion some time ago, and even those instances did not exceed twice.

And yet, Hannah left me alone to see Valerie. Just for 30 minutes. If she’s the mistress’s child, she must be treated just like the mistress. There was no room for objection to the fact that she had to be taken care of meticulously as she would eventually become the next Viscountess.

“By the way, it’s my first time on such a nice train, my lord.”

“Is that so?”

When I left, it was a shabby train, but when I returned, it was a luxurious train. It felt a bit different, but it was like a return to the prosperity, something like that.

“Isn’t it your first time riding such a train as the Marquess of Louisette’s Chief Assistant?”

“When the former Marquess was alive, I wasn’t a chief assistant, and after the lord succeeded to the marquessate, he only stayed at the mansion in the capital. So, I never had a chance to ride a train.”

“I see.”

“After the carriage accident and waking up after ten days, suddenly announcing the departure from the capital for health recuperation, I don’t know how surprised I was. Hurt in the head and turning into a different person.”

Maybe at the moment I possessed Celeste, the ‘real’ Celeste seemed to have been in a carriage accident.

It was said that he had lain unconscious for ten days with a severe head injury, and from that point on, Lady Hannah’s words that the Marquess had changed so much made me think that the original Celeste might have suffered brain death or a comatose state due to the accident, and that I started a new life through possession.

“Ha, ha, ha.”

She awkwardly smiled.

Celeste was a true city girl. Despite the Marquess owning estates all over the country, she had never left the capital.

“What are those, my lord?”

The train had departed, the Valerie was enjoying himself, and Celeste began setting up things she had brought on the table attached to the left side of the bed compartment wall.

As she pulled out the pie that had stimulated her salivary glands since she first discovered it, she involuntarily salivated.

“Ah, it smells good.”

Good-looking food is good to eat, and it smells good too. It was a delicious pie filled with fruits resembling strawberries.

She found a fork and knife on the table shelf.

Cutting a piece neatly, transferring it to a plate, cutting it into bite-sized pieces…



Just as she was taking a bite of the pie with her fork, there was a loud bang, and a child’s cry burst out.

“Wah, waaah, mommy…”

Turning around, she saw that the Valerie was crying, having toppled the chair she had left at the foot of the bed.

“Can’t you let the child eat a snack comfortably…?”

The child, who was just starting to walk and was becoming more and more active, was truly a being that should not be taken one’s eyes off even for a moment. You couldn’t afford to look away for even a second, or they would fall, tip over, hurt themselves, and cry.

“Mama, mommy, waaah.”

Valerie’s crying grew louder and louder. There was nothing to be done at times like this. Instead of simply dropping the fork, she reluctantly tucked the cut piece into her mouth.

“Let’s go, let’s go.”

Hurrying through the mud, she lifted Valerie in her arms. She swept Valerie’s back as if questioning when she had cried, gently patting her back while industriously moving her jaw to exercise her cheek muscles.

One bite, two bites. Each chew burst with a fragrant flavor in her mouth.

“This is insane, it’s so delicious.”

She had momentarily forgotten. Since becoming Celeste in this world, it was the one thing she had loved the most, and the only thing she had loved. The fragrant teatime with delicious desserts, that is.

Feeling better after eating something delicious, the lovely child in her arms seemed even more adorable. Tickling the child’s cheek, Valerie wriggled and giggled, pressing her face against her chest.

“Mama, food, Papa.”

So adorable. Was this maternal instinct? Although it was amusing to talk about maternal instincts on a topic he had never experienced, he couldn’t resist kissing the rosy cheeks of the adorable Valerie.


As he was engrossed in giving a deep kiss to the soft cheek, a bluish light, like smoke, began to rise above the pie left on the table.

* * *

“Your Grace, it’s time for dinner.”

Amidst piles of paperwork on the table, Karl was checking through them. It had already been three hours since the train had departed. Karl, who had been buried in the documents all this while, slowly raised his head.

“Is it already dinner time?”

“For your beverage, would you like water or wine?”

Appearing with the drink cart was the cabin attendant. Dressed crisply, the attendant calmly set the table.

“Prepare water for His Grace.”

Clovis replied on behalf. Karl did not drink. Not for any specific reason other than business matters, a fact known to only a few.

“Yes, right away.”

The attendant neatly stowed away the wine and raised the water jug instead, all in a refined manner befitting a high-class train attendant.

“…Has the Count had his meal?”

Watching the table being set before his eyes, Karl suddenly thought of Celeste.

“The Count has declined the meal, saying she will not be dining.”

Carrying a bunch of sweet things reminiscent of a young child, the image of him walking away while summoning spirits…

Fwoosh, a deflated balloon sound escaped from Karl’s lips.

“Looks like you’ve brought back quite a lot of things.”

“Yes? What did you say?”

“Nothing. Never mind.”

As the setup was finishing and the stewardess left, Karl moved to another seat at the table. He wasn’t particularly fond of eating in general, but when he needed to use his brain a lot, he made sure to eat meat and vegetables for nutrition.

“Join me.”

“I’m fine, Your Highness.”

Playing both the superior and the humble was not a good move. Clovis took a step back and stood. He intended to wait quietly until Karl finished his meal.

“…What dessert is prepared?”


Karl was not one to speak unnecessarily during meals. Clovis, who was as usual waiting for the meal to end in silence, was surprised and asked.

“Dessert… What do you mean?”

Karl nodded. This was unusual. Someone who doesn’t even touch sweet things. As Clovis gestured towards the window, the stewardess opened the door and entered.

“What’s next after the meal?”

“Do you mean the dessert course? We didn’t bring anything since you don’t have dessert. Shall I prepare something?”

As Clovis was about to nod in response to the stewardess, Karl suddenly intervened.

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