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Be My Queen

33. Be My Queen.


“What….what does it mean to be erased from the royal family? Is it possible to be erased from the royal family ?”

Bianca seemed quite surprised and could not speak properly. It was a disaster.

She didn’t mean to announce her presence like this.

“This is my first time hearing such a thing, so I don’t really understand what’s being said……….”

“From where did you hear our talk?”

Bitter feeling rushes out from with her.

However, Jillian’s outward expression was gentle, and his voice was even and without any trace of tremor.

“’Where is the Duchess in Baloch?’ From there.”

“You started hearing it from a bad point.”

If one were to look at the words alone, it could have sounded like he was being sarcastic, but that wasn’t the case.

Jillian’s expression looking up at Bianca was quite sad.

The golden eyes beneath the long eyes lashes shimmered like waves and sprinkled in the light.

“Come here.”

“I am…….”

“I’ll tell you everything, as much as you want, so please come here.”

He spread his arms and lightly waved his hands as if calling for Bianca.


At his words that seemed as if he was begging, Bianca, who had been standing stiffly, began to come down the stairs step by step.

The first step took a long time, the second step was hesitant, but the third and fourth steps gradually increased in speed, and from the fifth step, she was almost running.

Bianca ran at such a fast pace that she thought she might fall, and without hesitation, she threw herself into Jillian’s arms.

‘Oh my god’

Creta sighed softly and covered her mouth.

She had heard that she wasn’t like the rest of Termina.

Unlike her cruel father, she was kind, and unlike her mean brother, she was honest and lovely.

But even so, wasn’t this a moment that could be misunderstood by anyone?

But to have such an honest and beautiful reaction.

She couldn’t believe it.

This could be solved this easily?

Rather than getting angry or hurt due to a misunderstanding and running away, she really came to listen to the story?1I am also surprised, No Misunderstanding! Woww!

‘The Madam really loves him.’

Hailey speaking with a serious face…

‘I can always feel her sincerity. She is truly my master.’

And Julie’s words, with a completely solemn expression on her face, passed through Creta’s mind one after another.

Meanwhile, Bianca, who had jumped into Jillian’s arms, asked with a pale, heartbroken face.

“What did that mean?”

The trembling voice was unbearably pitiful.

Wasn’t Crete, the third party, also surprised to hear of the truth?

Now that Bianca had heard that she had been completely abandoned by her father and family….

Even if their misunderstanding was resolved, there was nothing that could be done about the hurt.

Creta, who thought it was something she couldn’t bear to see, slipped away, and at the same time, Jillian, who had been acting gentle all along, immediately trapped Bianca in her arms.


With a moan that felt like she was being strangled, Jillian’s strong arms hugged Bianca.

“Regarding the Royal tree and the contract…….”

“I’m sorry. I never meant to say this to you.”

The face of the young Duke, who had been teasing his subordinate just a moment ago, was pitifully distorted.

“If I said that I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you… would you believe me?”

“If I say no, does it change anything?”

“Do you believe me?”

Instead of answering, Bianca pressed her forehead against his chest.

For a moment, she felt like she was crying and didn’t know what to say.

How much time had passed like this?

As Bianca’s heated breathing began to calm down, Jillian opened his mouth.

“They said you were removed from the royal family.”

“The royal family remains in the royal family even after death.”

She said with an extremely sad voice.

“The former princess, who went to a kingdom far away, is still in the royal tree.”


“Haa…… Even the deceased Empress.”

She wanted to seem calm, but her hot breath started to hang between her words, and his chest began to get wet.

“Why me………….”

“Because they probably believed that I would hurt them through you.”

Jillian continued speaking while slowly rubbing Bianca’s trembling back.

If possible, he planned to keep it a secret until the end, and if that wasn’t possible, he planned to at least announce it after the wedding.

Of course, it was his mistake to run his mouth carelessly, believing that she must have fallen asleep.

The mistake was painful, but there was no way to turn it back.

Jillian chose the straight method.

He decided to tell the truth honestly.

“Wouldn’t it be said that the beast of Termina, who was manipulating his leash, dared to harm them?”


“If something like that were recorded, something really big might happen. That’s why they were probably scared.”

That’s all.

It’s not your fault.

If anyone was responsible, it’s Baloch.

Jillian’s soft voice sounded like a hum or a sigh.

“So that’s why you proposed?”

The warmth that moved from his chest stared at him.

The moment Jillian’s clear eyes and her clear blue eyes made eye contact, Jillian’s voice, which had been going on for the entire time, was suddenly cut off.

“Is that why you asked me to marry ‘Bianca’ as a person and not as a Termina?”

Jillian tried not to moan.

Not only was she pretty, but she was also very smart.

She keenly pointed out what could be dismissed as the actions of a man who was sloppy.

“For some reason, I thought it was strange that you proposed to me again and insisted on having a wedding again.”

“What’s strange? It’s true that we didn’t have a wedding.”

“Why would a bride who was handed over without a dowry even have a wedding?”

“Didn’t I say that I was thankful that you were sent to me?”

“Does it make sense to be thankful?”

The sad atmosphere gradually became more and more heated as Jillian continued to reply with a persistent, sly look.

“How can I feel something other than that?”

“Jillian Baloch. I’m a Termina. No, I was a Termina. I have the bloodline that took advantage of Baloch’s devotion.”

Even though she said it with her own mouth, her face stiffened, as if she had finally realised it.

Even that appearance was lovely to him.

Jillian released his arms that was around Bianca and gently cupped her cheek.

“Don’t say that.”



“But it’s true.”

“What is true?”

“I am a Termina. No, it was. This is a fact that cannot be denied, no matter what anyone says.”

“There’s no reason to blame someone for a crime that they didn’t commit.”

She seemed to flinch at his words, but her dry eyes became moist again.

The flowing tears covered her eyes, making it look like a lake.

It was a beautiful sight.

Jillian looked at the sight as if he wanted to engraved in his mind, and slowly rubbed the tears away.

His clothes got wet again while he was wiping her tears off, but Jillian moved his hand with great care.

“To me, you are just ‘Bianca’. If you want another name, I will call you that. I like John too. It’s a name that makes me think you will run our home with confidence.”

“What is that…”

“Hicks would be nice too. It sounds like the name of a mean-spirited tactician who cares deeply about his allies.”

“I don’t like being mean.”

“So, how about Kraviola? Doesn’t it feel like a brave knight who is good at using his sword?”

“I don’t have arm strength, so being a knight is impossible.”

“If you don’t like knights, how about someone who the knights serves? Legina, the king, suits you well.”

As the conversation continued, Bianca’s tears began to subside.

Jillian slowly rubbed the remaining moisture with his thumb and said, ‘Huh?’

“Jillian Baloch, Regina Termina is the founder’s name,” she said

“The name Regina was used countless times during the Termina dynasty though?”


“Then, Bianca, you can be my own Regina. You will reign as the master of the North and the Queen of Baloch.”

At the end of his words, Jillian tilted Bianca’s head and kissed her forehead.

She saw him approaching and before she knew it, a warm and soft feeling spread across her forehead.


One beat later, her eardrums rang.


And the situation was recognized even later than that.

Bianca, whose neck was red, covered her forehead and took a step back.

Thump thump thump.

Her heart was pounding loudly as if it were inside her head.

“What happened, N, N, NOW!”

“I was begging.”

Even though he clearly know what she was talking about.

Bianca’s mouth dropped open when she saw Jillian with his eyes downcast and a pitiful expression on his face.

“What kind of plea is this?”

She didn’t want to show embarrassment in front of him, but she stuttered without realizing it.

It was because the spot where Jillian’s lips touched was hot.

All her attention was focused on her forehead, and she couldn’t think calmly.

“Don’t it feel like a plea? Then, shall I kneel?”

“Don’t play around!”

Bianca screamed in fear as Jillian, who was holding her hand, looked as if he would hit his knees on the floor at any moment.

“At least I don’t joke about proposing.”

This time, nothing came out.


It was because of the man who kissed her cheek ostentatiously.

“If you don’t like begging, how about seduction?”


He laughed, cupping Bianca’s stiff cheek with both hands.

“I am more sincere and persistent than I look.”


“I can wait forever.”


“If only you would give me the answer.”

A faint exhalation fell down the bridge of her nose and a warm feeling pressed against her distinct forehead.

Bianca, who was standing there as if frozen, belatedly trembled at the feeling of Jillian kissing her repeatedly.

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

She had no idea what they were talking about or how far they went through their talk.

Even though the lips that were pressing against her forehead moved away, that feeling remained intact and became more and more vivid.

Thump thump.

With her heart sound ringing in her ears, Bianca felt like screaming.


Wouldn’t it be better to have auditory hallucinations in times like this?

Bianca turned and ran, covering her ears.

She completely forgot the etiquette teacher’s words about a virtuous lady not running.

The hem of her loose dress tangled around her toes, but Bianca skillfully kicked the hem off and quickly climbed the stairs.2How amazing, I always trip over my dresses, how did she do that!

The feeling of loss that had made me run down the stairs had long since disappeared.


Jillian, who was quietly watching Bianca running away in surprise, suddenly burst into laughter.

“She is cute.”

The person he missed was seen overlapping the figure of Bianca running with her jet black hair.

Surprisingly, they were so much the same that Jillian felt like he had gone back in time, if only for a moment.

It was a time, so long ago, where he let happiness go without even knowing it was there.

Her shiny black hair was floating like a wave.

Jillian, who was looking at that scene, whispered softly.

“It has already been used so many times that it is no longer an old-fashioned name…”

Even if it was so.

It seemed difficult to find a name better suited to Bianca, who would become Queen of Baloch.

“Regina Termina.”

The name was sweet on the tip of his tongue.




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