Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

Agnes sighed and was dragged away by Daisy. Honestly, I didn’t know why Daisy was torturing me.

There’s no way Hugo Rodian could hear what she will say…

Well, since she is the highest-ranking person he knows, it seems like she is doing this because she wants to be able to do something.

Agnes was pushed back and entered into the patronage of Lothian Mansion.

In the distance, I could see the back of Hugo Rodian sitting quietly on a bench.

‘Why is he acting like that?’

Agnes wanted to go and hit him in the back of the head right away, but she held back and approached him.

We had to somehow prevent Hugo Rodian from being assigned to the Black Knights.

It’s up to the crown prince to decide in the first place… I didn’t want to go see Damian.

‘If it were Damien, he would use that as an excuse to bother me again.’

Instead of changing Hugo Rodian’s affiliation, they might have asked me to date Raymond Spencer.

Damian should never reveal my weaknesses.

The easiest way was to somehow change Hugo Rodian’s mind.

Agnes walked in front of him, feeling proud of herself for doing such a troublesome thing for her beloved.

“Lord Lothian.”


Hugo, startled by the sudden voice, turned his head.

He seemed confused as to why the princess came to his house.

“Wha, what the princess…?”

Rather, he seemed embarrassed that someone he wasn’t even close with had come to visit.

Agnes sighed softly and then spoke.

“Lady Lothian came to ask me to persuade you.”

“…Daisy, this girl….”

“I heard you suddenly said you would change affiliation? What happened?”

Agnes asked as calmly as possible.

Hugo Rodian hesitated with a puzzled expression at the unexpectedly gentle question.

Agnes carefully sat down next to him.

“I don’t know what happened, but they suddenly decided to transfer their affiliation to the Black Knights…”

Are our Black Knights so formidable? Do you want to die?

I struggled to swallow the words that rose to the top of my throat.

But suddenly Hugo Rodian’s broad shoulders began to twitch.

Agnes saw that he was crying and turned her head in confusion.

She saw Daisy watching her from afar. And Kylo standing behind hrr.

Agnes pointed and shrugged her shoulders, saying she didn’t know why he was crying.

Then Daisy made indecipherable gestures with her hands and feet and muttered something.

She didn’t understand what it meant.

‘Driving me crazy….’

Agnes had no choice but to turn her gaze to Hugo again.

“Hey, Lord Lothian. I don’t know what happened….”

“Huh, I never thought the saintess would be that kind of person…I didn’t know….”


It was a fight after all.

Love fights are really loud…

Agnes sighed inwardly.

“Did you fight with Miss Liliana?”

“Fight, Hah… Well, it’s not like that…”


Agnes waited patiently for Hugo Rodion, who was crying and shaking his shoulders, to speak properly.

Eventually, Hugo spoke in a slightly calm tone.

“That is… hah, the saintess is secretly trying to make a big mistake…Well, I stopped her.”


“But the saintess actually reprimanded me for discovering it…Heh, don’t be presumptuous….”

Agnes clicked her tongue inwardly.

But it was quite unexpected.

It looks like the saint has made a really big mistake, but Hugo didn’t say what it was.

This is to prevent her, the princess, from knowing the inside story and accusing her.

She admits that she wants to protect her favorite to the end.

Agnes offered awkward consolation.

“You must be very upset…”

“Huh, yes…! I just wanted to protect her, saint, for her sake…Ugh… .”

“But that doesn’t mean changing your affiliation…Isn’t this a bit of a hasty choice?”

What on earth does your fight have to do with the Black Knights?

Agnes held back the urge to grab Hugo by the collar and shake him off.

“No, I…..I have no hope now. I will show it to the saint… Ugh… Because of her, I will fall apart. It’s miserable.”


“I will show the saint how far I fall…Ugh… .”

Agnes clenched his fists.

‘No, this bastard….’

What on earth do you think of the Black Knights?

If I join the Black Knights, will I fail miserably? Is it broken? uh?!

Agnes suppressed the urge to punch Hugo.

And I barely managed to speak through gritted teeth.

“More than you thought… The Black Knights are a great place. you won’t fall apart if you come.”

“Huh, then what should I do… Now I….”

“Lord Lothian… Life is full of unexpected trials.”

“Huh… what?”

“If you are a proud knight of the empire, you must overcome this. You should not try to undermine your own value. Of course, we must not disparage the reputation of the Black Knights.”

“I don’t mean to disparage you….”

“There are many knights who actually went to prison, but haven’t I also changed since I joined the Black Knights? This was possible because the Black Knights had a great leader.”

In the midst of this, Agnes didn’t forget her favorite business.

Hugo blinked at her serious voice.

“…is that so.”

“Yes, so stop talking nonsense and get your mind together. “The world doesn’t fall apart if you fail at your unrequited love.”

“…Ha, but…To me, the saint is not just that kind of unrequited love. I…I just want her to be happy.”

“Yes, then you have to overcome it even more.”

Virtue is inherently difficult, you bastard… Even if your favorite illness breaks out, you have to be strong to overcome it…

Agnes became stronger again and again every time Kylo’s personality issues arose.

So the advice given to Rodian was based on my own experience.

“But… Would you like me to know that… ? Is the saint really able to control my heart? .”

“It doesn’t matter if the other person doesn’t recognize it. It is enough for Lord Lothian to know for himself.”

“…is that so?”

“Yes. That’s what it means to like someone.”


“If I tell you how much I can do for that person, people will be shocked and wonder why I would go to such an extent…We can tell. That is quite possible.”

This is the law that geeks communicate with each other.

Even though she said it roughly, Hugo Rodian seemed to understand it perfectly.

Unlike before, he stopped crying and his eyes sparkled.

“Get over it. Lord Lothian. And apologize to me for insulting the Black Knights.”

“…Sorry. I didn’t mean to be insulting.”

“yes. From now on, don’t worry your sister needlessly and just stick to the White Knights.”

“…Ah, I understand.”

Hugo couldn’t believe that he was receiving comfort from someone he had never imagined.

To be honest, Hugo hated the princess.

Because every time, Princess Agnes ignored and despised the saint.

But what the princess said was meaningful.

He doesn’t want to admit it, but didn’t the princess like Raymond Spencer just as much as he liked the saint?

It was ironic that the only person who understood my feelings was the princess…

Still, it was truly comforting.

The princess was right.

It’s never easy to like someone this much.


Hey! Don’t end up like that! I want to know what happened with the saint!!


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