When the Stars Tremble

When the Stars Tremble

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The first time Jiang Chuyi met Zong Ye, she coincidentally saw him being confessed to.

In the dimly lit stairwell.

Avoiding the surveillance camera, he leaned against the wall, cupping his hands to shelter from the wind, and lowered his head to light a cigarette. The confessing girl was shy and nervous, while he was completely uninterested.

Later she found out he was Zong Ye, the rookie who had skyrocketed to fame as soon as he debuted.

Due to their collaboration on a reality show, the production team, in an attempt to boost ratings, had Jiang Chuyi actively interact with Zong Ye, capitalizing on his immense popularity. Many in the industry were keen to get close to Zong Ye.  Knowing she was out of his league, she restrained herself and didn’t dare to fantasize about him.

After the show aired, there was an intense fan war online, and reporters deliberately asked about the ambiguity between Zong Ye and her. She immediately clarified on his behalf: “He is very nice, very considerate to everyone, and much of it was just for show.”

As soon as the interview came out, Zong Ye trended.

—He got a “nice guy card”

That night, Jiang Chuyi received two messages on WeChat from him:

[Just for show?] [You don’t think I’m giving charity right?]

Little Star X Top Celebrity

#willingly letting you ride my popularity, what could it be other than love#

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