There Are No Bad Military Dogs

There Are No Bad Military Dogs

TANBMD, 세상에 나쁜 군견은 없다
Native LanguageKorean

It’s been four years since the zombie outbreak.

The world has collapsed, but humanity has not yet been wiped out.

Min Ahyeon, a former representative of the national shooting team and a deserted soldier, is a famous mercenary among the survivors. 

The sole reason she takes on dangerous mercenary jobs is to find her one and only brother, who went missing during the zombie outbreak. 

But the traces of her sibling are gradually fading away.

In front of the despairing Ahyeon, someone appears.

“Long time no see?”

Name: Shin Hae-jun.

Characteristic: A dog will execute any command from the military without hesitation. a.k.a. “Military Dog.”

“Shut it, don’t call me Lieutenant. I really can’t stand the sight of you.”

A bitter feud between Ahyeon and him.

Smiling warmly at Ahyeon’s refusal, Shin Hae-jun said.

“I wish we could work together on a job.”

“If we succeed, I’ll give you information about your missing brother. How about that?”

Ahyeon tried to reject his proposal, but she couldn’t ignore the information he offered.

“But it’s strange.”

“The fact that you don’t get bitten by zombies.”

Having learned Ahyeon’s secret by accompanying her, Shin Hae-jun traps her as if he’s been waiting…

“Yo-you horny bastard…”

“The term ‘military dog’ means it fucks as well as it fights. Didn’t you know?”

Shin Hae-jun licks the tears at the corner of Ahyeon’s eyes and bites her nape.


“I’ve wanted to be inside of you for a long time.”

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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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  1. melody says:

    Why did the hearts that indicated it was a locked chapter go😭😭😭 had false hope that it was a mass update

    1. Lilac says:

      No worries, I’ll update it every week (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

      1. melody says:

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