The Youngest Member Filming a Parenting Show is Adorable

The Youngest Member Filming a Parenting Show is Adorable

육아 예능 찍는 막내님은 사랑스러워
Native Languagekorean

A public childcare center managed by the Pashayen family.

The 4-year-old who used to be the class leader of the Carrot Class!

Shupetty becomes the adopted daughter of Admiral Diegon Pashayen through the blessing of an ancestral of whale.

Shupetty’s new goal, setting aside her dream of becoming a wonderful pastry shop owner or bakery owner is-

[The Water Spirit King ‘■■■■’ has invited you to appear on the parenting show .]  
[Appearance Reward: Blessings from the spirit kings who have entered.]  
[Do you accept? Yes/No]  
‘To earn the title of ‘Beloved of the Kings’ and become the world’s strongest spirit master!’
…That’s how it was supposed to be.
[Punishment for failing the ‘Get Closer to Dad Project ver.1’]  
[Transformation into a dolphin (3 days)]  
Why is this so hard…?
My grandfather, who supposedly didn’t understand human feelings, grabbed me and cried-
“You say you want to moving out! What do you mean by that? This old man will take care of everything, there is no such thing as independent living!”
My older brothers adore me.
“Eat more, Chubby.”
“Here, I knew you’d be like this, so I made cotton candy for you.”
“I will always be on your side.”
I grew up cherished, never once touching the sand, surrounded by the favoritism and love of my entire family,
And then I met two boys.
“We are destined. We need nothing else in this world but each other. Right?”
“I don’t care if we’re not destined.”
Do we love because it’s destiny, or is it destiny because we love?
With a sigh, Dad muttered beside me.
“My daughter is finally going through puberty.”
And so came my 18th birthday.
Dungeons opened simultaneously around the world.
And a new quest was given to me.
[Punishment for failure: Oh God, one more person.]  
That’s basically a death sentence!

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