Save Me

Save Me

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I knew that now that I was an adult, I would be sold.

However, I did not know that I would be used as a sacrifice.

“Were you abandoned?”

What waited for Bianca, who entered the empty reception room alone, was not despair, but Jillian Baloch.

He was a young and beautiful duke called the Dragon of Termina.

Not being oppressed by anyone or anything, including force, wealth, and power.

A man who seemed infinitely distant and did not seem human.

“Duke Baloch.”

The man who would tear me to death, the poor duke who lost his ancestral Duke at the hands of her father, The Emperor.

He laughed when Bianca called in a trembling voice. Sweetly, not like a smile directed at me, the daughter of an enemy.

And then he slowly called Bianca.

“Yes, madam?”

I was a sacrifice. An imperial sacrifice offered to the angry dragon of Termina.


“The word ‘Duke’ feels too distant. Please call me Jillian, madam.”


“Husband and honey are fine too.”

The beauty of a smiling man..

The man was crazy sweet. So much so that my heart was pounding without even knowing the reason.

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