Phantom Skeleton Painting

Phantom Skeleton Painting

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It seemed as if Lin Banxia was being targeted by something strange.

He was alone, but the home was full of strange noises; banging closets with nothing in them, dripping taps with no water, and strange chewing noises outside the window.

Until one night…

He woke up suddenly, and when he opened his eyes, he saw a skeleton as white as snow lying on the ceiling of his house. It turned its head, grinning at him with a brilliant smile.

Brief review of work

Lin Banxia bought a cheap house, but did not expect that after moving in, he would encounter a series of strange events. Through this, he got to know Song Qingluo from next door, who seemed to be very different from ordinary people, and learned about the different types of people in the world and strange items called heretics. Later, Lin Banxia learned about the profession called a monitor. Whose job it is to look for heretics and seal them up. He began to embark on a wonderful journey with Song Qingluo. The small mountain village where people were constantly dying suddenly became isolated from the outside world. Their journey is exciting.

The slow Lin Banxia x the picky Song Qingluo, the plots are interlocking and very interesting. It brings readers a wonderful fantasy world, in which the heretical things appear, each with its own characteristics, forming a wonderful story that readers are constantly looking forward to.

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