Kneel, Your Grace!

Kneel, Your Grace!

꿇어보세요, 대공님!
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Everyone has a boss they want to punch.

And usually, they can’t.

‘That’s unfortunate, Lieutenant Ambroise.’

Especially if the boss is Curtis Shan Berke, the second in line for the throne and a war hero.

However, Chloe, who had been gritting her teeth every day, finally got her chance.

The king ordered the duke to marry a foreign noble to keep him in check.

“Chloe Ambroise. She has been my lover since recently.”


In a hurry, the duke lies that his silent lieutenant, Chloe, is his lover.

“…It’s true. I recently received a proposal from His Grace the Duke.”

For now, Chloe goes along with the duke’s expectations.

Of course, she has her own plans.

Thus, with different goals, the duke and Chloe become an official couple in front of everyone.

“Thank you. I’ll grant you anything you want.”


Chloe Ambroise smiled with twinkling eyes.
“Kneel, Your Grace.”
Don’t want to?
If not, no get married.

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