Killer Whale Baby

Killer Whale Baby

BKWB, 흑막 범고래 아기님
Native LanguageKorean

“Hello, Uncle!”

One day, a little kiddo appeared before me.

” Do you happen to know where the academy is? I have to go there! “

” You’ve been heading in the wrong direction this whole time. “

” !!! “

” What are you looking at, mister?”

I guess this is my daughter.

” Do you want one?”

But I don’t think she knows that I’m her father. ······· You’re probably thinking that, right?

If you think so, you’re mistaken, pops!

My name is Calypso, a four-time regressor.

My life was ruined when I possessed a character of a novel.

I even possessed a child!

The third episode of my life was a massacre ending!

‘You XX guys who are crazy about this female lead!’

Yet, for some reason, no matter what I do, I can’t make it past my 22nd birthday and return to my world.

However, I accidentally found a way in the 3rd playthrough when the dragon ran out of control and perished.

When the dragon runs rampant, the dimension is distorted!

Can I go back to the house I lived in through that?

The 4th time, when I returned again, I decided to use this dragon.

Abby? Older brothers?

Everything is just a stepping stone to meet the dragon!

“Wait, dragon!”

[I want to die now, but I’m going crazy with all these repeated returns.] [My family is tied up with the royal family] [Does anyone ever hear about the weak?/ Only the strongest ones are happy]
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