I Stole the Prince’s First

I Stole the Prince’s First

ISPF, 황태자의 처음을 훔쳐버렸다
Native LanguageKorean

“So, how does it feel to have stolen the first night of the Crown Prince?”


Retina Cecilia.

She was the youngest daughter of the duke, yet to make her debut at the age of twenty-two.

Living a tranquil life was her goal, but at a party where she took her first step into high society, she ended up assigned to the same room as a man, thanks to some lady’s prank.

With a secret that should not be revealed to others, Retina decides to get the man drunk with the purpose of disrupting his memory.

“Just focus on me in bed,” she tells him.

Clearly, she intended to sneak away from the intoxicated man, but somehow, they ended up in the same bed.

‘Oh, this is bad,’ she thought. Retina, who didn’t want to be involved with the man, fled as soon as morning came, leaving the sleeping man behind.

They both tried to forget each other as a one-night mistake that neither remembered.

“You know, the Crown Prince is looking for the woman who spent a passionate night with him and then ran away.”

Oh, right. They say he shared his love all night, and when she woke up, she was lying naked in bed…


But why is he looking for me if he doesn’t even remember me?

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