I Raised My Husband Wrong

I Raised My Husband Wrong

남편을 잘못 키워 버렸다
Native LanguageKorean

Twenty-one year old Libertisha. She needed money, so she was driven into the battlefield at an early age and was given the nicknames of the mu*derer, Knight of Blood, and the Emperor’s Hound. By imperial command, she found a marriage prospect overnight and the age of that prospect… is eight years old?

“Hmph! Why do I have to marry you?”

The little husband was sensitive, wary, and his language was quite foul.

“If you listen to me well, I might be able to help you marry the person you like later on.”
“ … Really?”

He was unexpectedly cute too.

Then one day, Libertisha found herself trapped within an unknown barrier during a mission. When she finally broke free from the barrier… Ten years had passed.


She was still twenty-one, but her husband was now unrecognizable and no longer a naive child.

“After driving me crazy for having disappeared for ten years, you what? You ask for a divorce as soon as you get back? Are you kidding me?”
“Now that you’ve also gotten older, you should understand that for the sake of our goals–”
“What bullshit.”

Her husband, who was still foul-mouthed despite having grown older, grabbed her hand and said in a low voice.

“For the past ten years, you’ve been my only wife.”

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