Decided To Become A Bad Wife

Decided To Become A Bad Wife

악처가 되기로 결심했다
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I died in excruciating pain.

“How can you call yourself a mother when you couldn’t even bear a single child? If it’s not a son, it should be put back in the womb.”

It was a wretched death, ignored by everyone, but my greatest regret was not being able to hold my child even once.

“Rachel, if you were going to leave, you should have taken everything with you. Why did you leave behind a burden? Even in death, you continue to annoy me.”


Just when I thought everything was over, I returned to my twenty-year-old self.

Like a flower bud glistening with the dew of dawn, I became the radiant and brilliant Rachel Burk once more…!

Given this second chance, I have only one goal.

I will become a ruthless villainess; there will be no more kind wife!

‘In this life, the one who withers and dies will not be me, but you, Stephan Edmond.’

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