Aren’t Guides Allowed to Bite Espers?

Aren’t Guides Allowed to Bite Espers?

AGABE | 가이드는 에스퍼 좀 물면 안 되나요?
Native LanguageKorean

Hundreds of years ago, in the heart of the city, a gate appeared. In a world where neither animals nor humans existed, ferocious organic beings called “creatures” emerged. After an accident, S-class guide Sa-weol, who became a half-creature, half-human ‘cremon’, hides this fact and continues to live.

“Sa-weol, listen to me when I’m speaking nicely. I don’t want to threaten you either.”

“What you’re doing is already a threat.”

“Please, just keep your mouth shut if you find out.”

Instead of protecting her secret, Esper Yu-geon, who demands to be paired with her, has a reason for Sa-weol to avoid him. As a cremon, she needs to periodically feed on blood, and Yu-geon’s scent is too sweet to resist. Eventually, in order to keep her secret, she decides to be a pair with Yu-geon.

“I’ve seen you as a woman for quite some time now.”
“But back then…”
“Back then, I thought I shouldn’t get closer to you.”

Han-gyeol, Her first love, which she once distanced herself from, begins to approach. He was Yu-geon’s older brother. Strangely, as they decide to work together to protect her secret, an incident occurs where only guides are targeted, and strange things start happening around Sa-weol.

Will Sa-weol be able to keep her secret until the end?


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