My Plain-looking Fiance is Secretly Sweet with Me

Hearing about my fiancee's past, I should have appreciated her even more (1)

“Sakata-kun. Tilt it this way.”
As I stood on the stepladder installing the sign at the classroom entrance, Watanae Yuuka calmly called out from below.
“Um, which way should I tilt it?”
“To the left. Kurai-kun, try lowering your side a bit.”
Masa, who was holding the other end of the sign, adjusted its position as if trembling before Yuuka.
After inspecting the adjusted sign once more, Yuuka said, “…Hmm. It’s straight now,” and promptly entered the classroom.
Once Yuuka was out of sight, Masa whispered in my ear.
“Watanae-san is as scary as ever.”
“Really? I thought she was just talking normally just now.”
“It’s not what she says, it’s how she says it… How do I put it? It’s scary? Like, cold.”
“Isn’t your idol Ranmu-chan the same way? She talks in that cool, aloof style too.”
“Ranmu-sama is different… She’s like an untouchable proud queen. Even I’m scared! Ranmu-sama is the best after all!!”
Our conversation wasn’t connecting… but whatever.
After climbing down the stepladder, it was my turn to enter the classroom and confirm if all the furniture was in place.
The reason for this rush was that tomorrow would be the cultural festival.
With just one day left, all the classes and clubs were busy finalizing their preparations.
A bustling atmosphere enveloped the school.
Honestly, for someone like me who always tried to minimize social contact, this atmosphere was… not exactly comfortable.
But… I had decided to participate wholeheartedly.
“Oh! Nice, nice! Even though we’re using regular desks, just covering them with tablecloths makes such a difference! Oh, are these costumes enough? Do we have enough?”
At the center of the classroom, Nihara-san, our class representative for the cultural festival, was giving out numerous instructions.
Normally, Nihara-san was a pure-hearted, lively person who brought energy to everyone around her. Her communication skills and ability to interact with most class members were very useful in situations like this.
As expected of a gyaru.
Though she hid her tokusatsu hobby, she was still naturally extroverted…
“Momono… are you going to wear that? You’re already cute normally, wouldn’t a maid outfit be better?”
“No, no. As the class representative, I have to liven up the atmosphere for our Class 2-A’s ‘cosplay cafe’. That’s why I chose the most eye-catching outfit to attract customers.”
As Nihara-san spoke, she put on a monster costume.
It was a strong-looking bipedal monster, all black, resembling a dinosaur insect.
I knew it. This was the famous enemy of Cosmo Miracle Man.
“M-Momono!? You startled me… What was that weird sound just now?”
“Well, that was my monster sound. Pretty funny, right? Pururururu…”
“No, no, it’s scary! I’m getting goosebumps.”
From an outsider’s perspective, it seemed like Nihara-san was going all out to liven up the atmosphere.
But in reality, I think Nihara-san just wanted to legitimately wear a monster costume in front of others… Isn’t that an abuse of power?
“Sakata-kun. Could you come help me for a moment?”
Yuuka suddenly tapped my shoulder as I was still watching the monster abusing its power.
Through her soft glasses, with an expressionless face, she stared at me intently.
“I need you to sort the drinks in the space behind here.”
“Oh, uh. Sure.”
I moved behind the curtain to sort the drinks into categories as Yuuka had instructed.
Yuuka followed behind me, silently closing the curtain.
Then… she just kept looking at me.
And smiled―――as if we were alone at home.
“Ehehe! I get to be alone with Yuu-kun.”
“Um… What about the help you need?”
“Fufufu… There’s no such thing. I just wanted to be alone with Yuu-kun legitimately.”
“What are you saying with that smug face!? We’ll be alone when we get home anyway, there’s no need to go to such lengths, I’m not joking!!”
“I’m not joking either. I wanted to recharge my Yuu-kun energy.”
She stuck out her tongue playfully.
In her school demeanor… Yuuka hugged me tightly.
Then… she separated from me after about five seconds.
“Mm! Yuu-kun energy, fully recharged! Alright, I’ll do my best!!”
“What kind of ritual is this… I’m not an energy storage point, you know.”
“No. For me, it’s a source of strength… a guiding light, perhaps.”
After turning her back to me, Yuuka whispered.
“I told Isami I’d do my best. But honestly, I’m not good at these kinds of things… I was feeling tired and anxious. So… sorry, Yuu-kun. I always have to rely on you like this.”
Yuuka said this and turned her head towards me―――then gave an innocent smile.
“So, I’ll keep doing my best for the remaining time! Yuu-kun… let’s make this cultural festival amazing together.”
“…Yeah. That’s right. Let’s do our best together.”
Then, after a few minutes, we stepped out from behind the curtain.
Once again, Yuuka returned to her preparation work, with her usual cold and rigid expression.
As always, that change made me smile unconsciously.

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