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MHBP Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Stupid Granddaughter (4)


The four of them sat on the mat and opened the picnic box. Of course, it was Bonita’s job to open the box.


Bonita exclaimed in surprise as she opened the brown basket.

There was really nothing missing in the large basket.

A wonderful sandwich with smoked ham, crisp lettuce, and the chef’s special sauce. A pretty glass bottle containing juice made by grinding whole oranges.

Next to it were colorful macarons with cute animal pictures and fruits that were prepared for eating.

Bonita’s hips bounced at the colorful arrangement that caught the child’s eye. Catherine watched the delighted child with amusement, but then she straightened up and controlled her expression.

‘No, no! We don’t know if she’s really my granddaughter yet!’

Of course, it seemed like Elodie’s daughter, but there was always the possibility of one in a million.

She had to come to her senses instead of her son who had already melted away.

“Bonita, do you want me to feed you?”

“I’ll eat it by myself!”

“Would you like that?”

Bonita, who rarely refused Aria’s words, Bonita gently pulled a sandwich out of the picnic box and laid it out.

There were six sandwiches lined up in a row. It seemed that the chef had intentionally prepared a generous amount.

Bonita handed one to Aria.

“Oh my! Is that for me?”


“Thank you, Bonita.”

Catherine’s eyes sharpened as she watched the two of them.

‘Who is that woman that my granddaughter treats like that… Oh no!’

Catherine slapped herself inwardly as the word granddaughter came out naturally.

“Duke, eat this.”

“Thank you.”

In the meantime, Bonita took out a sandwich and handed it to Luke. Catherine still had her eyes tightly shut.

‘That little girl is cute, but I have to keep my balance. I don’t trust my son at all. It was nice when Elodie was here… ‘


But Catherine’s thoughts didn’t last long. Bonita approached her, speaking hesitantly.

She stuttered a little and asked,

“… Did you call me?”



“I wanted to give you this.”

Bonita was holding two small sandwiches in each hand.

The chef had cut them in half so that Bonita could eat them easily.

Catherine answered in a deliberately crooked tone.

“Ahem. Aren’t these cuts for the child to eat? Why, I’m only going to eat a little bit, not those two.”

“That’s not it!”

Bonita jumped up. It was only about an inch off the ground, but that made it even cuter.

‘What was I thinking!’

Catherine deliberately tried not to look at Bonita’s face.

But she couldn’t block out the sounds she was hearing.

“I’ve heard that older people have a hard time eating hard or large foods. Since you’re old, I thought it would be easier for you to eat a sandwich cut into small pieces.”

“How could you have such a kind thought…”


“What? I didn’t say anything just now!”

Catherine was startled and denied it.

Bonita tilted her head.

“I thought you just praised me for being a good kid…”

“Well, that’s probably all in your head.”

“I see….”

That wasn’t true.

Catherine was very concerned about Bonita’s sullen expression, but she forced a stern expression and snatched the sandwich from her small hands.

“Anyway, since you gave it to me, I’ll make sure to eat it.”

Catherine muttered softly.

“I’ve had a hard time opening my mouth wide these days… No. Nevermind.”

“Thank you, madam!”

Bonita smiled brightly.

Catherine had to work very hard to keep her eyes off that face that reminded her of Elodie.




When the picnic was over, Bonita and Aria had gone into the carriage first, Catherine called Luke over and said,

“You’re coming back to the mansion?”

“Yes. You got a problem with that?”

Her tone was that she’d kill me if I had a complaint.

“No, not really.”

Luke shook his head.

It was a spacious mansion anyway. An extra one wouldn’t hurt.

It wasn’t like they had a terrible relationship.

“How would you like to travel? You can ride with me in my carriage if you wish.”

“Your carriage?”

Catherine’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Forget it. Your carriage is too shabby for my temperament, and I don’t know what it is about you northerners that makes you drape all your sheets in black.”

“Oh, go ahead.”

Luke turned around.

He pointed to Catherine’s personal carriage, which was ornately decorated with jewels and gold.

“Then I’ll take the Duke’s carriage with Bonita and Miss Aria, and you can take that.”

What? Bonita?

Catherine’s ears perked up.

“Ah, ah.”


She slowly approached Luke.


“Come to think of it, if we’re going to ride anyway, there’s no need to go separately.”

“Even if Mother doesn’t ride it, that carriage has to go to the Duke’s mansion anyway.”

“How dare you talk back to Mother like that?”


Luke, who suddenly got hit in the head again, rubbed the top of his head with an unpleasant expression.

“You’re still so young!”

Thirty-year-old Luke, who suddenly became a ‘young’, made a face of bewilderment.

It had already been five years since he had seen Catherine. He wasn’t used to being treated like this.


As the two got into the carriage together, Bonita, who was sitting on Aria’s lap, let out a short exclamation.

“Are you going back to the Duke’s mansion with me, madam?”

“That’s my home, then, and why should I not go with you?”


Bonita cringed at the sharp words. Luke glared at his mother who was throwing a tantrum once and then quickly calmed Bonita down.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. She’s been living in another mansion in the southern part of the kingdom for five years, so she’ll be back down there soon enough.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What, I thought you were just stopping by for a visit?”

Luke looked at Catherine with bewildered eyes.

“You’re not going to settle down?”

“… What! can’t I?”

“No, what.”

“What! What!”


Aria narrowed her eyes and laughed as she watched the two’s childish quarrel.

‘Mother is still the same.’

She knew Catherine’s personality very well. Because of that attitude, despite her status as a noble and her beautiful appearance, she had a bad reputation in high society.

Of course, Catherine didn’t scratch her ears at that reputation. Instead, she openly picked a fight, grabbed and pulled the hair of the young lady who spilled wine on her clothes.

A mad dog in high society. Even Elodie was a little worried when she had to take on someone with such a reputation as her mother-in-law.

‘She was actually very kind.’

All of these were unnecessary worries.

Catherine was a fierce woman, selfish and determined to avenge her own death, but she loved her eldest daughter-in-law, Elodie, like a daughter.

Elodie felt a little depressed as the old memories came to mind.

She tried to ignore it, saying it was for Bonita’s sake, but Luke and Catherine were both people she loved.

Her heart ached at the fact that the two who had treated her so terribly were now searching for traces of her in Bonita, not recognizing her.

No one would believe such an absurd claim that a dead person could enter another person’s body after six years.

‘I guess I can never go back.’

For now, she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be recognized as the biological mother of her only daughter, let alone reunite with her old family.


At that moment, she heard Bonita’s voice.

Aria lowered her head and looked down at her daughter who had called her.

Bonita’s small, cute face clearly showed concern for her.

“Is something wrong? … You don’t look good.”

Aria didn’t realize that Bonita’s worry stemmed from the fear that the ‘old Aria’ might return.

But even if her intentions aren’t fully conveyed, emotions aren’t fake. Aria clasped her fern-like hands together and smiled.

“Uh, no. I’m just tired from having too much fun today.”

“Then that’s good! Actually, I’m a little sleepy because I ran too much.”

“Really? Do you need a lap pillow?”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course.”

After Aria’s permission, Bonita gently lay down. Aria reached out and grabbed Bonita’s head, carefully placing her on her lap.

Bonita yawned softly. Bonita blinked a few times and soon buried her head in Aria’s blue skirt and began to doze off.

Aria, who was looking at the child with loving eyes, soon felt a pair of stinging gazes.

Catherine’s eyes that strongly contained the meaning of asking what was going on.

Aria was panicking inside.

She’d been trying to avoid using the term “mom,” but she couldn’t stop Bonita from calling her that.

Not only would it be hurtful to Bonita, but she feared that if she asked her to do so, it would really change their relationship forever. Aria patted the child’s belly in a steady rhythm to calm her anxiety.

Catherine stared at Aria with a displeased expression, not hiding her discomfort. She was ready to strike her head with the cane she was holding.

The carriage carrying four people ran smoothly on the road without any shaking. The carriage was very comfortable thanks to the well-paved road and the excellent seat material.

Thanks to this, Bonita, who ran around all day, played, ate sandwiches, juice, and desserts until her stomach was full, quickly fell into a deep sleep.

There was a sound of breathing. Bonita, who was holding Aria’s index finger tightly in her sleep, looked like a baby angel.

And in the silence, Catherine, who had her arms crossed, spoke sharply.

“I suppose it’s time to tell her, huh?”


“I need to hear right now why the child calls you, who was Elodie’s maid, mother.”

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